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  1. Hello, Depending on your level will depend on if you are able to select a location on the table (all 3 being available at 120) if you are still having issues with this quest please open and in-game ticket for assistance with this, in future please also report any in-game bugs you find in our bug-tracker section ( or open a technical support thread for webside assistance.
  2. - Please ensure you also post this on the bug-tracker to be looked into by the qa team.
  3. Name: Bambamhamham Realm:Sethraliss
  4. Hello, Sometimes this bug occurs, please make sure you are logging out in-game correctly using the logout button or /logout rather than clicking the x and closing the game to ensure a full logout.
  5. Hello, The realm list is patched into the client for the bfa realm, just launch the game with out wow.exe and log in with your email and password.
  6. Hello, Please pick a region as it will download the language for the region you have selected and wait 15mins (may be longer) for it to download and the game should open by itself. You can open task manager and check for wow processes to ensure it's downloading the data in the background.
  7. Hello, Are you still unable to enter world_en, do you also get any message when trying to enter it?
  8. Hello, Please open an in-game ticket and a game master will be able to assist you with getting this quest back/moving on. If you see the message error sending or creating ticket in-game please be assured this is a visual bug and your ticket will be in the que.
  9. Hello, This content is not functional on the realm.
  10. Hello, We are no longer doing character transfers.
  11. Hello, Sorry for the delay, a game master in-game should be able to take you back to the boat to take the next quest or manually assign it to you via the in-game ticket.
  12. Hello, Please contact shop support regarding payment issues.
  13. Hello, Please open an in-game ticket and a game master should be able to help you get back on track. If you see the message 'error sending gm tickets' or anything similar, do not panic this is just a visual bug and you ticket would still have been submitted into the que.
  14. Hello, As mentioned above, first time launch can have an extended wait period while data is being downloaded. You can check task manager to ensure the world of warcraft process is running, after 20mins the game still has not launched please end the process and relaunch the game.
  15. Hello, Right click on FirestormLauncher Choose "View package contents" Open the Terminal In the Contents/MacOS folder, select and drop FirestormLauncher to the Terminal Click on ENTER!