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  1. Hello. Yes, when you and other people contribute to the mage tower, the bar will increase. Regards, GM Telladris
  2. Greetings @iDennden! Create an in-game ticket (Esc>help>create a ticket) and a Game Master will help you fix the issue. You can also try and sign up for arena Skirmish or using the character unstuck tool on the Firestorm Website as it will remove your auras, but it does not always work for some auras. Sincerely, Game Master Telladris.
  3. Unfortunately, that's not possible. The only possible way to transfer characters from one account to another is by selling it from one and buying it from the other through our shop. Regrads, GM Telladris.
  4. Hey, @AkiNoRyuu! Most mounts in the shop are account bind, you can click on the mount of your choice and if it says "Binds when picked up" or "Unique" they are account bind. Some mounts will say "Character bound" an example is "Grievous Gladiator's Cloud Serpent" and they are just for a single character. Regards, SGM Telladris.
  5. Greetings, If you still have not received your points, create a shop ticket. Regards, Senior Game Master, Telladris.
  6. Hey, @Imsoproimbad You understood me wrong, It is possible to spend the points, but if he wants us to help him with the quest "A Test of Valor" then he must have 3000 Valor points in his currency tab so we can see the player meets the required requirements for the quest. If he had 3000 and spent 200 we cannot help him with the quest because then he has 2800 and therefore does not meet the requirements for the quest. After we assist him with the quest, he can spend as much Valor points as he likes, if he wants the quest completed, he must have the required 3000. Have a good day, Senior Game Master, Telladris.
  7. Greetings, @Kushmaster! We apologise for the late reply, take the quest from Wrathion, collect 3000 Valor points and take a screenshot of the 3000 valor points in your currency tab. From there create a ticket on MoP (Esc>Help>Create a ticket) and we will assist you with the quest. Make sure to NOT spend the valor points. Best regards, SGM Telladris.
  8. Greetings, @Lol53443! If you have not already made a ticket in-game, create one by doing the following steps: Esc>Help>Create a ticket. Explain your issue there and a Game Master will remove the aura that causes the problem. Best regards, SGM Telladris.
  9. Greetings, @Vaporize66! This is not the correct section to report a player, You can report players in this section: Secondly, when you report a player make sure that the screenshot or video is NOT edited or cropped since it will be deemed as invalid evidence. Finally, it is better to use the in-game ignore system for this type of toxic behaviour '/ignore playername'. If they whisper you on different characters, say offensive/racist/pornographic comments you should report them in the link I provided and they will be punished accordingly. Have a great day, Senior Game Master, Telladris.
  10. Hello, The scaling is blizlike, depending on which zone/dungeon you are in the max level of the mobs will change. The level of the mobs scale with your character level. See the link below for a detailed list Regards, SGM Telladris.
  11. Greetings, @StonedPriestess! There are 3 ways to level a character: 1. Paid character boost on the Firestorm shop. 2. Boris NPC. Boris' arrival is unpredictable but always announced a few days before his arrival, I suggest keeping an eye on announcements here on forums, as well as on our discord server. Boris character boost provides a level boost (depending on the expansion), basic racial mount, a set of equipment for you to get started as well as few golds. You can use Boris only once on the same expansion with the same account. For example, you could get the character boost on Sethraliss (BFA) and also get the Boris boost on Legion, WoD, MoP etc. But once you have received the boost on the account you cannot get it again on the same expansion until the next Boris arrives. 3. In-game leveling. Creating a character and questing, doing instances and PvP. It may be time consuming to level with x3 XP rates however waiting for Boris may take longer. You can always level one character and boost another when Boris arrives. Good luck! Best regards, Senior Game Master, Telladris.
  12. World chat bans are not permanent, they stay until the next server restart, whereas a simple chat kick will work again after a reload. On the other hand, an account ban can be set for the minimum of 24 hours to permanent duration. Here is the post about all server rules: Have a good day, SGM Telladris.
  13. Hello! You can find realm information here: You can also join the Firestorm Discord for an updated status of the server and players connected (Updating every 30 seconds) Regards, SGM Telladris.
  14. I enjoyed the video. It is a very cool idea to make a video to promote Firestorm and the FInal Reckoning guild, the music was smooth and calm which fits into the theme. I also like your mount. Furthermore the fighting in the background is hilarious, very well done video Cozzy! I hope to see more videos from you, maybe mythic keystone runs, raids, PvP and things like that. Good luck!
  15. @Cozreborn Try this: This should be the 8.2.0 version. If it does not work, write another post here and I will directly send you the file.