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  1. Had same problem,u are missing quesy.Make ingame ticket,gms can help u whit that.
  2. Oh thanks budy,i'm glad somone remember me from mop Cheers to you too
  3. Ever heard of renames? 😆
  4. Trapdotcom,nice to meet ya
  5. How about you git gud?
  6. You can farm reputation for the rep in bfa.Just farm mobs in the pit in gorgrond.
  7. Title: Blazing drake. Type: Shop Description:  Well hello there.Could you add the blazing drake in the shop guys,its raid drop mount and there is other raid mounts there so i see no reason not to join them . https://www.wowhead.com/item=77067/reins-of-the-blazing-drake
  8. First you are mage wearing cloth,second this is bg....there is berserker for 30% dmg increase and there is saltwater potion for 30% more dmg increase.......whats wrong whit you ppl.Learn the game then complain.
  9. Can we have information if the titanium residuum will be resetted when the new content arrive?
  10. You can get it mate,conatct me in bfa Trapdotcom.
  11. Well even whit 2350 I didn't get gladiator so idk about the devs calculations....
  12. 3s was more than alive in before it was known that it will be changed to preseason. So stop wining about it and just wait few more days till the real season start.
  13. Once you learn to ak 25 you have it on all specialisations.just farm artifact power now for traits on the other spec.
  14. You have to buy those 100points so you can sell character, not to obtain them via promotional codes.
  15. Drink redbull for more energy