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  1. Title: [Demonic Tyranny] Illusion Account Wide. Type: In-game Description:  Hello, According to, The Illusion [Demonic Tyranny] Should be and Is Account Wide. Can this change happen since the whole point of Firestorm is to be Blizzlike. (Make [Demonic Tyranny] Usable on Alt Character and On different Expansions "BFA" etc.) Demonic Tyranny :
  2. Also Can I get an asnwer on this Question : When does the Season Ends In the Legion Servers ? (Date) ?
  3. Title: Feral Nerf, Ret Nerfs, Monk Effuse Buff Type: In-game Description:  Server: Sylvanas/Greymane Hello, Feral Specialization is still bugged Entangling Roots : goes off after any kind of damage (Auto Attack, Bleeds Damage) How it should work : Entangling Roots should go off after using 2/3 spells at the target so the Root goes off Entangling Roots/Regrowth Procs : After using a [Rip], Predatory Swiftness procs around 12 times in a single [Rip] in a duration of 20 Seconds How it should work : [Rip] should not proc Predatory Swiftness at all, Predatory Swiftness should proc after spending Combo Points so u get free Root/Heal Druid/Feral Damage: Feral's damage is too much. Im talking about 1.2mil Ferocious Bite, Bleeds Damage is alot aswell considering Druid has the best mobility in the game. Make Ferocious Bite to crit max to 800K because dealing with it in arena in is so hard and make Bleeds Damage abit lower (im not talking about Bleeds doing close to 0 damage) just a little nerf for them but the other Damage abilities are too overpowered at this point of the game Retribution Paladin Damage: Its going to be cool if you Reduce Retirbution Paladin's damage by 15% maybe 20% because the Damage right now is OUTRAGEOUS Example : 1.6Million Executioner Sentence (With Wings), Regular Abilties do 300-800K (and its not hard to crit at all (Without Wings) ) About the Mobility of the Class considering they have [Blessing of Freedom] every 25 Seconds(Also They can pick [Unbound Freedom] as a Passive to gain 30% more Movement Speed), 80% slow every 30 Seconds and Blade of Justice which slows for 80% for about 3 seconds, Divine Steed every 45 seconds up to 2 charges (if they pick the talent) so my opinion is that Paladins Mobility is not that low, because of the abilities they have Windwalker Monk Effuse Buff : Current [Effuse] Heal is around 70K-100K (130K crit), so can [Effuse] get a little buff to heal 130K-150K (non crit) because Monk need around 10 Effuses to outheal a single ability of a Retribution Paladin.
  4. i fr dont give a fuck about u both so the 2800 rating thing is meaningless to me like i dont even play bfa why do i care about u tf?
  5. show me a screenshot of your character ingame and then stop posting shit on my post u dont even play greymane dog ty <3
  6. Name : Kenobi doesnt sound like Trapdotcom to me sorry
  7. come in greymane i will gladly fuck u up in arena ty
  8. cant find ur name on ladder sethraliss
  9. happens 1 to 3 times use your brain
  10. Update on Feral : Thorns should be nerfed aswell Thorns Hit for 300k everytime u hit them and it will happen atleast 3 times in the duration or even more which makes it impossible to win ASWELL so you should consider nerfing this aswell Also those Nerfs were said in the start of 2021 nobody cared about fixing issues for years like those its about time to be solved
  11. Also can You Add [Arena Spectator] NPC in the game so we can spectate other players arenas. 1v1 Arena Spectator NPC 2v2 Arena Spectator NPC 3v3 Arena Spectator NPC or 1 NPC for all those.
  12. Title: Demonic Tyranny Illusion 2300 Rating + Nerfs Type: In-game Description:  Hello, can you make the [Demonic Tyranny] obtainable at 2300 rating instead of 2400, because Paladins and Ferals are outrageously broken Since 1s is not that playable anymore like 2s or 3s (everything is hard to que in) make [Demonic Tyranny] at 2300 rating PLEASE instead of 2400 rating. I know 2400 rating is the original rating u need to obtain [Demonic Tyranny] but for this server i think 2300 rating will be enough, because its hard with those classes to go 2.3k anyway Rank 1 player on 1s is 2345 or around this number only (Top 3 Players are only 2.3k+ (not close to 2.4k) please make [Demonic Tyranny] buyable at 2300 rating. I BLESS YOU IF U DO IT !!!!!! Paladins : Their Damage is too goddamn much can they be nerfed or something because [Executioner Sentece] is hitting for 1.5MIL + (15 seconds cooldown btw) and every other ability does insane amount of damage its just incredible conclustion : nerf damage Ferals : NOW this is just the most broken class (spec) in the game and nothing have changed for 2/3 years... [Rip] procs Regrowth/Root 12 times in a single [Rip] it should now even proc 3 also Feral's damage is outrageous aswell, Dot damage, Ferocious Bite does 800k+++++ (no cooldown) hardest hitted me for 1.5mil how is this still in the game, Root makes u dodge 100% i repeat 100% of ur attacks and doesnt remove when doing damage Ferals: Nerf Damage, Heal from Procs, Nerf Dot damage (DAMAGE AT ALL), Root Dodge Chance, Decrese Bear Dodge chance and damage deal. Please make those changes and Both Sylvanas and Greymane will be happy IM TELLING YOU everyone is pissed about those classes PLEASE
  13. 1k player speaking kekw
  15. Title: Could not join Arena Type: In-game Description:  Hello, This server didnt let me join in 2 rated arenas in 1s, which cost me 44 rating when i gain 3+ a game can i get my 40 rating back, cuz the players i was going to face would have beat them easily. The problem is that I clicked Join Battle and just nothing happened it didnt let me in arena and could not join in anyway. Give me back my 44 rating. Thank you !! Server : Greymane Name : Steezy