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  1. Won't happen. Stop trying to revive something, that's already dead
  2. There's no way you can expect a good PvP, if the majority of the Staff are PvE players. Many people have tried putting suggestions of how to improve the PvP, and no one listened.
  3. You are not suggesting anything decent that's gonna make 3v3 alive again. In other words, what you've said is: People have become spoiled PvE players, who prefer to complain over everything, rather than trying to improve. That's why they use this excuse not to do PvP at all. There are players who have gotten to top spot on the ladder by just grinding arenas from the start, and many others are above 2.4 with bad gear. Majority of the people that buy 425, are PvP players, who prefer the easier way to get into PvP rather than spending months of grinding. A good suggestion to make 3v3 more alive is: Just bring more exclusive rewards to it. For example: -Bring a weekly quest that requires specific amount of arena wins in 3v3 to reward you with Loyalty points+Gold. -Make a custom PvP vendor with old PvP tabards/mounts that require specific rating (1.7/2k/2.2 etc) in order to be obtainable. -Make the R1 title for the top 10 people in the ladder with no more than 2.4 rating and include Firestorm Points as well.
  4. Title: Reward for the most dedicated player: Crisblack Type: In-game Description:  I am writting this with a humble request and suggestion, that the player "Crisblack(120 Level Tauren Paladin) should be rewarded in some way for his dedication and time spent doing arenas. Currently Crisblack has over 5247+ arenas played and he sits at 2.500 rating ( ). So far, anyone on this server can say that they have heard of him, played with him or lost to him. He is pretty much known by the whole server, and he is everyone's favorite player. As a suggestion, Crisblack should be the only exception who should receive "Gladiator" title + Gladiator Mount no matter the rating/rank. He himself have said that his biggest dream is to obtain the "Gladiator" title, and many players helped me to try and get it, and many people can say that he really deserves it I'll be honest, this guy has been playing this server everyday nonstop almost queing arenas. He really deserves it, and this servers needs more people like him.