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  1. Greetings! The International Support Team is looking for dedicated players to reinforce their ranks. Who are we, what is our job? The International Suppor team are the ones that assist through our new Support system and also monitor/help players on our official Discord server, more specifically in the channels dedicated for the English-speaking players and also all the other languages that don't belong to any other team. Our goal is to support players and try to solve their problems whenever they need help or advice. We don't Support in-game where the Game Master Team will take over to help you in case it's an in-game-related issue. We also monitor the forum in terms of its content, and moderate, warn and sanction people who do not respect the rules. How to apply? You can apply by using the form below. We require you to provide a minimum of information when applying. This means that only writing two lines of text explaining what your motivations are will not be enough. We expect you to express yourself and give us a little bit of detail regarding your experience/knowledge/personal information. You do not need to have any previous experience, we will make sure that you will learn all the necessary things to become part of the Support team. Requirements: Being above 18 years old. Having very good grammar. Knowing how to use Discord. Basic knowledge about WoW. Coolness, resilience, regularity, and autonomy. Discord and a functional microphone to enable the communication within the team. Additional information that would be interesting for us: Having a lot of free time. Have previous Moderation/Support experience on other platforms/discords (if so, explain where). Feel free to highlight any other experience that you might find valuable. Your Forum and Discord username (the ones you use on Firestorm). I sent my application, now what? You will be contacted directly on Discord (your application in the Support system will be answered as well). We will schedule an interview with you and if everything goes well and you get accepted, you will be starting your trial period where you will be training to be one of us. The International Firestorm team thanks you for your future involvement. See you soon!