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  1. yes
  2. Besides the fact that 120 would make you still do all the questlines...we see no point yet to give 120s, the realm is new after all and the content that allows you to progress and level up are there! So this also a way for the newcomers to experience the time and effort we put on those zones and content!
  3. yes all items will be copied over! Yes between your chars. we have some limitations not disclosed to prevent exploits tho! Yes but not planed at launch! We might open extra copies in the future! For those asking about Boris... No plans yet but i m sure he will want to visit BFA at some point! We are doing this due to Sylvanas inflation being screwd due to some gold exploits we had at the start of Legion! This way everyone more or less will start at the same level! and we will monitor the gold in the realm closely to prevent said exploits if any is left
  5. not at start, but you can migrate to sylvanas and have your chars then copied to Sethraliss
  6. All your chars on Sylvanas will be waiting for you on Sethraliss (BFA) We will altho put some limitations on the gold accounts Gold limit and BoEs so that the economy doesn't get screwd up PVE islands won't be up for a while (Due to the work it will take on the AI) but we have already the queue system implemented PVP ones will come at a late date!
  7. The closed beta begins on February 11th. Players willing to help us test the realm will be able to apply for access from the Account Management Page. We will be giving access to players that applied in waves. All selected players for the closed beta will receive a mail on their Firestorm email address informing them. The progress on the Closed Beta won’t count towards the progress on the Live realm. The point is to test the content and report the issues, not to make progress with your copied characters! For obtaining the BFA client, players will have a full guide on the forum and on the website giving them several options to download and install it on different languages. There will be several options for downloading the client on the "Join us" page on the website, as well as on the Firestorm launcher! It will be added this week. Meanwhile, you can download the client using one of the following links: Minimum client for Windows (64 bits only). Put the wow.exe in the folder you want to download the game and open it. Minimum client for Mac. Uncompress the files on the folder you want to download the game and open the .app file. Full client for Windows (64 bits only) and Mac. You need a TORRENT client in order to be able to open this link properly. Once it's downloaded, uncompress on the folder you want to play and execute wow.exe. For Mac users, there's a zip file inside the downloaded client called WoW Uncompress it inside the Game client and execute in order to be able to play. Do not forget that BFA client will be needed for the PTR Closed Beta Realm and later on for the Live Realm, so you will need it in order to play! If you ever find any glitch or issue while playing on the Closed Beta PTR Realm, you will be able to report them on our bugtracker so we can fix it before the release of the BFA Live Realm, Sethraliss.
  8. Regarding to M+ rewards yes we will follow the same path as retail!
  9. Information • Full Mythic mode release • Item level cap upgraded to 955 Hello everyone We are pleased to announce the full release of Tomb of Sargeras in mythic difficulty on Wednesday, 12 September 2018 at 18:00 (CET) on Sylvanas and item level cap will be increased to 955. We know most of our community do not do this content due to its difficulty. But for us, it's important to have as much content out as possible. Especially end game content such as a Mythic raid! This instance is truly a challenge both for you but also to our developers so if you find any issue while progressing through please report it here! Also this is the final release of 7.2.5 content and as we already previously talked about, Argus release should be here within a month! Yes we just said a month! What can you expect? Well here's what we got so far: Full quest line (yes full, you can complete it on day one) Seat of the Triumvirate (Heroic and Mythic/Mythic + ready) World Quests Invasion points (Greater invasion points included) Antorus (1st wing release within 2 weeks after initial release) Are you prepared? Good luck champions
  10. Hello, We'll be releasing the raid on Wednesday, 12 September 2018 at 18:00 (CET) on Sylvanas. If you're encountering an issue or bug with the raid, let us know by filling in a small form and reply to this thread. Thank you for your feedback and support, good luck in your fight in this raid.
  11. you can get the mount currently bi finishing the mage tower challenge
  12. if its Hotmail outlook, it won't work! most companies having issues with Microsoft emails
  13. PTR 7.3.5 will be open this afternoon. Meanwhile we leave the connection guide here so you can prepare your folders and connect as soon it comes up! We will announce once the PTR server officially opens! Thank you for your time
  14. Did you read the 1st lines? " as soon the major systems are fully tested, we expect to open it to the public two or so weeks before the actual release date which is currently scheduled to the end of April "