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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings Valdrakkians, Hope you're having a blast with Dragonflight! We're still working hard behind the scenes to make things even better. And we've got two big news for you, and a few surprises! MYTHIC DIFFICULTY - VAULT OF THE INCARNATES Many among you have undoubtedly encountered the formidable trials posed by this raid—be it through Raid Finder, Normal or Heroic modes. However, the moment has arrived to assemble your most formidable allies and embark on the daring mythic journey. Opens on the 22th January! Fame and Glory eagerly await those who confront these formidable adversaries! Claim your spot on the leaderboard and, as tradition dictates, the first guild delivering the decisive blow to the final boss Raszageth will receive extra rewards! FRIEND OF THE DRAGON ISLES - RENOWN CAMPAIGN Experience the excitement as all the renowned campaigns on Dragon Isles are now accessible! This opens up the opportunity for you to unlock various renown rewards and delve into the captivating story-line campaigns. A Mystery, Sealed Garden of Secrets The Chieftain's Duty In the Halls of Titans The Dreamer The Silver Purpose This content is already available for everyone! SHOP UPDATE - Dragonriding Customization Unlocker Looking for an easier way to obtain your new favorite ride visuals? Gain access to all customization options for all your characters such as Armor, Scale, Pattern, Head, Horns, Hair, Fur, Manes and Tail for your loyal dragon companion. Include customizations for mounts: Cliffside Wylderdrake Highland Drake Renewed Proto-Drake Windborne Velocidrake Note: This does not include full transformations rewarded from raids and PvP season. - Crafting bundles Unleash the artisan in you without the grind! Elevate your crafting game with our exclusive crafting bundles—your shortcut to acquiring those special materials (Primal Chaos, Spark of Ingenuity, Artisan Mettle, Concentrated Primal Infusion) and unleashing your crafting spree! - Unlock Renown's Maximize your characters' renown to the fullest by unlocking the renowned features of version 10.0.2! Obtain all the perks and rewards effortlessly, eliminating the need for tedious grinding. Immerse yourself in the rich lore of the new campaigns unlocked, ensuring a truly enjoyable experience! Discover a variety of upgrades, unlockers, items, boosters, and much more available in our shop! 10.0.5 As mentioned earlier, our team is putting in extra effort to enhance your gaming experience. Our developers, quality assurance members and testers are working tirelessly to deliver new content while also focusing on improving its quality. Expect more prominent updates on the upcoming 10.0.5 content in the near future! Stay tuned for exciting news and in the meantime, enjoy your time on our servers. The Firestorm Staff