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  1. Yes, Shadowlands on Firestorm will be a thing regardless of current temporary blizz's condition, if anything is actually a good thing, as people do not hate wow, but blizz nowadays, and are looking for a private server to call it home. One of the biggest pluses of Fs, are the realm community condition, where names of the servers, are still that, without cross-realm diminishing community feel compared to retail. You have still some time to enjoy the final patch of BFA, as sometime this year we will be on the new xpac, near the end of fall.
  2. The char booster is meant to replace the Legion market. Some people experienced account theft or got scammed via the above, so it was decided it was best to keep it shop side regulated, and not allowing char sells for individuals, unless you play on legion.
  3. 20 of players?
  4. Flying will be coming when the 8.2 retail content will be released, meaning Mechagon+Rise of Ashara content, next year..
  5. There is 1 more way to connect, downloading the full client from Bnet and extracting the files from zip over it and running the wow.exe from there
  6. Thats good for a bug report, thx.
  7. Bfa next xmas
  8. The closest bonus objective next to the garison in which you need to kill 8 ogres and free 3 wolves is half bugged,. there is no mechanic to free the wolves. Also i noticed other problems with phasing while entering the bonus objective area and going a bit ouf of it, like not counting the ogres the moment you return to the area, the other mobs next to it will go into evade mode, you will be stuck in combat, and the fact they tend to not strike back when doing the above in-out the bonus objective zone.
  9. Here is a little pvp video i made on my frost mage from Grommash realm. Its more of a short one for the ones that will come. I hope you guys liked it, if you do please sub and like the video it helps :))