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  1. To be quite honest, for MoP you're way better off playing stormforge
  2. Warborn scum
  3. mop > all
  4. An absolute banger
  5. Hey Flo, thanks for making the patch, however, the MoP DB doesn't follow that structure for us, and there were a loooot of bugs with the gossips of this NPC. I have attached the patch I made and that will be applied with the next changelog for your information. I have made it as close to blizzlike as possible, without introducing custom values.
  6. Hey, at least he got more replies than most threads in here, gotta market yourself
  7. What realm are you on?
  8. bruh, why would you use a black font on this forum
  9. Nice vid
  10. Never had an issue with it. Did you download the minimal client? That thing downloads the game while you play, may be why you're experiencing a lot of slowdowns. They will get lesser and lesser the more you play and explore zones.
  11. Tawi will probably apply these fixes, I assume But yeah, this part of the forum could really use more attention or someone of rank to review them more often.
  12. Depends on your realm I think is the best way to put it, WoD, WoTLK and cata will never have fixes anymore, since no devs are allocated to them. Garrosh depends on the severity, sethrallis will probably stop being developed when SL hits. And SL is being worked on right now, so sethrallis will probably not get many quest fixes anymore.
  13. You truly live up to your name
  14. what the fuck is this