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  1. An absolute banger
  2. Hey Flo, thanks for making the patch, however, the MoP DB doesn't follow that structure for us, and there were a loooot of bugs with the gossips of this NPC. I have attached the patch I made and that will be applied with the next changelog for your information. I have made it as close to blizzlike as possible, without introducing custom values.
  3. Tawi will probably apply these fixes, I assume But yeah, this part of the forum could really use more attention or someone of rank to review them more often.
  4. You truly live up to your name
  5. what the fuck is this
  6. SAI

    Probably something to do with areatrigger id 5465, which is right there. all these spells might come in handy too (if you haven't checked them out yet) https://mop-shoot.tauri.hu/?search=razormane#spells
  7. Ignore what I said! The Castbarcaption is already mentioned in the lock property.
  8. Shouldn't CastBarCaption be "Gathering"?
  9. Same with the Fey dragon, I have it from way before, but I see a lot of people that want it.
  10. bug

    You should report it to the bugtracker, I will see what I can do to fix it soon.
  11. oh shit it's echobaz, what's up homie <3 I didn't even read your name (I'm the guy that talked to you in world chat)
  12. Outlaw rogue doesn't exist in MoP. That spec was introduced in a later expansion. I recommend, at a very basic level, these addons: Bartender4 (must have imo to organize your actionbars) Bagnon (improved iventory experience, without being too much out of line of the blizz asthetic) npcscan (as rafeal added in his list, maks it really easy to kill pandaria rares, without even knowing they were close.) tomtom (for the waypoints you often see on wowhead) Gathermate2 (if you care about gathering professions) My advice would be to make a character, get lvl 90 and go straight to the timeless isle to get itemlvl 535+
  13. Completely bugged. I found it while flying in Kun-lai (not a monk) and everything is bad about it, I'm sure it wouldn't take long to fix it though, but it's quite astonishing. Even the sellers and trainers in that area are bugged, not giving the right spells and items. Kinda of weird, because they're literally just profession trainers. I'll get around to making some patches some day, if only they would look at them
  14. GG man!