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  1. You can do whatever you want with my account, because I don't care, feel free to threaten me, you just don't know anything else, and we will discuss when you can describe meaningful things. until then I won't talk to such unfortunates
  2. Bye Bye Firestorm i have done with you. until this server isnt scripted righlty i don play here anymore. im done with bugged content done and classes. but first of all im done with this community players. and another persons. until all of you will not learn thing that server needs to be scripted and totally working everything nothnig gonna play here. and next time stop threating me and write some interesting. all of you dont deserve player who wants to ply game. and enjoy all things no more threating admins no more toxic idiot community. no more crap boring shadowlands 4 sesaon with crap dungeons. i had enough. and before you start all of you threating me at. then think about something. why the players are leaving? because normal person doesnt like bugged or ruined content what its mostly dont working. at least if I can't script and fix the errors, at least you wouldn't make fun of me. you don't even know who I am.. they wouldn't be proud of the fact that you can't fix mistakes and if I have time I'm too lazy to spend time on it to make it better then you'll have the right to mess with me and get personal with me and if you end up with minimal mistakes and all the quests are scripted then there's nothing to talk about speaks and you have no right to make fun of a person who only wants perfection
  3. Very Soon we will talk about developing of Dragonflight.really ? where and when? 05.09 this post and now 05.13? cant stop any of lying? and write everything about the details?
  4. This is not true about what we are hearing about Dragonflight .simply guys you dont gonna tell.about this anything. sorry i cant believe any words what is written here. so many months already passed and we did not hear about anything. Nothing About with a Dragonflight. provide proof that you are really doing something, until it happens, I will not believe anything, anyone can say anything, I can't believe anything.. why should players be treated like this and a community ignored like this? everyone would be happy if something happened and they heard something about what is happening now I don't understand why you have to look down on the player database