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  1. Using your level 90 talents correctly is a huge part of doing a decent amount of DPS. Yet few people seem to understand how to do that... Rushing Jade Wind - Most people choose this and never switch out. Those people are bad. This ability is the best only if you can constantly attack multiple targets for the entire duration of the fight or most of it. Fallen Protectors is a decent example and Norushen is as well. This talent is stupid in single-target because it doesn't give chi and its DPS is lower; it also is not a burst cooldown so forget that. Using RJW constantly requires a much higher haste amount than normal (12-13k). While it will do massive amounts of damage, you will find yourself energy starved and your Blackout Kick usage will go down, thus lowering your overall DPS. Don't be that guy, don't choose this in single-target. Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger - This should be your go-to single-target talent but everyone seems to ignore this. The damage is fine now, you can stop ignoring it. It's DPS is always going to be higher in single-target fights and in fights where you need bursty AoE damage. Ignore Chi Torpedo, lol. In short: spinning green thing is constant aoe. summony tigery spell is for one target and burst aoe.
  2. The LMG proc is actually quite huge for mistweaver. On retail, getting the LMG meant that your spirit requirements significantly dropped to the point where some felt comfortable getting the minimum spirit necessary (5100 to cap hit/expertise). On Firestorm, it seems that it has a lesser impact because of our already precarious mana situation. There are a lot of ways to use the four second proc. One way is to spam surging mist which would give you free chi and heal quite a bit if you can find an injured raid member. Another is to use your normal healing spells, prioritizing mana intensive spells like spinning crane kick among others (SCK is my #1 mana consumer, having a free one every now and then is amazing). Renewing mist and SCK are good choices since they tend to use the most mana. My favorite way to use it is to use jab which is one of the main reason why the LMG reduces our spirit cap. When you use jab, you gain a buff that returns 4% of mana when you use Blackout Kick or Tiger Palm. Normally, jab costs 8% mana so this just reduces your mana spent if you combo them (net gain -4%). With the LMG, your net mana gain is 4%; you get free mana in short. This also means fistweaving is amazingly cheap nowadays. This combined with our ridiculous mana tea and chi brew means mana is never an issue (not like it was even before the LMG). I recommend getting an aura tracker in a very visible location. The buff is so short so taking advantage of it as soon as it procs is highly recommended.
  3. Glad to say this but this post is now obsolete as the problem has been fixed!
  4. 7864 or 6449 haste is easily doable with SoO gear. Getting any higher miiiight be possible but likely not worth it.
  5. Meeting a haste breakpoint as a Mistweaver is a big deal. For the most part, haste is fine... until you get one of those nasty 5% haste buffs. The buff incorrectly adds 5% haste when it should multiply haste by 5%. Because of this, you may find reforging for a breakpoint while accounting for that buff just won't work properly. So I did the math and wrote down the actual breakpoints in Google Sheets. Note that breakpoints might actually occur with a bit less haste. \ WHEN YOU REFORGE, REFORGE IN TIGER STANCE I didn't finish it because I doubt someone will reach 10k+ haste without going full retard on haste (you don't want to sacrifice too much crit for haste). The first breakpoint still works at the normal amount presumably because the difference between the actual amount and normal amount is so small. For those interested, the math is fairly simple. Take the haste required %, subtract 5, divide by 1.5, and multiply that by 425. Equation: BP=(haste-5)*425/1.5, round to nearest integer. And finally, I'm sure someone can find the exact breakpoint number but I'm lazy. This gets you close enough.
  6. Updated the math. Mastery was incorrectly calculated as multiplied by 1.1 rather than add .1 from Enrage.
  7. Only 1 hour? Back in my day I could solo up to Garrosh in 30 minutes naked.
  8. Charge has trouble charging to tall mobs like Immerseus (aka you can't really). I think it might count the distance to the head not the bottom of the mob.
  9. soo

    The main bug right seems to be that Bonecrushers apparently don't need to be anywhere near the faction leaders to use Fracture. So they could be a mile away and killing poor little Jaina without you knowing. This causes a reset of the encounter correctly.
  10. soo

    Others are reporting that wiping on the boss makes it impossible to try again. - 10 Normal - Wipe on boss
  11. "We like where this spec is going" literally 3 button rotation where Slam is 90% of it
  12. Looks fixed now. From what I can tell, weapon damage based attacks are scaling correctly using your normal form weapon damage.
  13. Turns out Beast Cleave is cleaving too many attacks (Kill Command).
  14. I tested the following spells so far, not including some talents: Beast Cleave Auto-attack/shot for pet and hunter Arcane Shot Kill Command Pet Basic Attack (with Blink Strikes/Spiked Collar) Multi-Shot Cobra Shot Bugs I found so far: That's it. I can't find any bugs anymore. At least with those spells. The talents need work but that's not specifically BM.
  15. It seems like my addon settings won't save when I use the patched EXE.