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  1. Stormheim and last two chapters of Highmountain is being worked on, one more chapter of Suramar is in testing phase and the rest of the quest devs are doing artifact questlines right now and some other things. We arent abandoning Legion and this is an expansion most people enjoy. There will be a big player surge to BFA but eventually things will normalize. Argus will be arriving while we are working on BFA so you will have new content for a long time.
  2. A bit late but there are some continental issues where America (mainly south america) is having issues connecting to Europe via the fast route. I dont know if its the ISP or if the undersea cables are being bitten by sharks
  3. This topic is in my opinion the greatest topic ive seen that gives proper critique. No mindless bashing or a topic of just wanting more, theres an understanding on why people play the game and that there should be a path of progression and natural reasons to do things.
  4. Fix is out on Sylvanas, since we didnt restart the server, for the fix to apply on your character, you might have to leave the world quest zone and walk back into it for the quest to be updated. And deleting cache never hurts So if the world quest is in Azsuna, go to Dalaran or Valsharah and then back.
  5. We found out the cause (nothing to do with Greymane, remember that Correlation is not Causation). Fix going out momentarily
  6. It has nothing to do with Greymane since its a seperate realm but I do have some ideas on what caused this.
  7. Are you guys using a certain addon? I remember an addon causing a bug that made people not get credit for world quests. I doubt thats the issue (cant hurt to ask though) so I will investigate this further.
  8. Sorry but not any representative of any server/organisation/company would allow you to break the rules in an official post. Even if a GM or Admin would want to allow you to do it, they could never openly say it in an open forum. So regardless if a GM/Admin would or wouldnt allow it, this post is useless
  9. Whats the name of the quest? And there is a half truth going on here, while we do prioritize Legion content over old content, being able to leave the starting zone is still definitely a priority The issue with Old content things is that each expansion, the structure of the game and how the game is coded changes quite a bit, things gets bugged, it could be anything from the style of the script or some game mechanic that was altered that the quest was depending on. The only way to find these bugged quests is to go through every quest in old content and locate them. The big issue is that old content = 10 years of WoW development, that is a ton of quests. So we are kind of focusing our efforts on Legion quests for the Legion realm which is kind of taking all of our time. And yes, every server faces the same issue because almost every server uses the same scripts for old content stuff, and every server that upgrades to the same expansion with the same structural changes. And every minute spent on old content is a minute not spent on Legion content (which is kinda the content 99% of the players want)
  10. Yeah, you use the item until the orb thing is visible, you click on it and it should give you the credit, try to exit the game and delete cache perhaps? Given that youve seen others do it infront of you, im going to assume that its not bugged.
  11. The issue where the World Quest doesnt appear should be solved now or the next crash, for the full effect to occur you might have to wait for a day or two for the World Quests to re-shuffle. The issue was a weird zoning issue where the world quest was sharing quest pool with another zone, and when that zone had the maximum number of World quests appearing, this one wouldnt spawn. I never caught it in testing because of chance, this quest happened to be picked every day, ofcourse when the world quest went to live, the universe decided to not pick this Quest for the pool and thus it didnt appear.
  12. Go to the last orb, use it, if it says "you cant use that right now" or something like that, you missed a part. EDIT: Decided to investigate, ive identified an issue with the world quest. Waiting for Sovak to get home to fix it (the Dev who developed the world quest system)
  13. I got absolutely no clue why it disappeared but i re-spawned it when i came home just now.
  14. Im back-ish, I dont have the luxury to spend 20 hours per day working anymore, so im not as active as early 2017 but im available to work alot more compared to the summer