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  1. Where in silvermoon ?
  2. Nazmir , west side with azerite wq
  3. I agree with that idea
  4. Mythic season mean dungeons will be open in mythic or mythic + (keys) will be added ?
  5. On Sylvanas this q line dont work also ..
  6. U cant interrupt this spell cuz its bugged ... only way to interrupt it is sigil of misery ( fear sigil )
  7. They updating fixes . Should be up soon
  8. I'm agree with u guys , there should be q line for mounts ... Anyway some mage tower scenarios are bugged and just impossible to do ! ;X
  9. Mr Class Master did u notice that Roaring Blaze talent ( second talent in first tab ) is bugged for destro spec ? If yes please work on fix this ..
  10. I cant log on any of my chars which they in Orgrimmar because i get instant dc . Someone have same problem ?
  11. I have question about xmog system in new pvp server ? It will be like we have all xmog gear available to transmog or we will need to buy pieces from shop ?
  12. Hey Class Master do you realise mastery for destruction spec dont work at all ? It dont do any dmg . Please take care about it and work about fix it because its bugged since server start ... At all without mastery destro lose like 100k + dps
  13. After reinstal wow on new pc , i put addons i correct folder . I dont see in game that addons and I cant even see addons options in character menu or in game settings neither . Any suggestions ?
  14. After installing launcher , when it start to download update it always crash in half of loading . Program stop working and i need to close it. Any suggestions ?