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  1. the leveling expirience on legion is a bloody nightmare. if he wants to introduce people thats not the best option. as far as i know the bfa realm had some fixes so leveling there should be better.
  2. hey guys i just wondered if we get a exp event or if boris visits over the holidays like last year? i know his last visit was recently but i think it would still be nice.
  3. Cata and wod leveling zones are a shitshow on sylvanas as well. I mean if you get told by gms to grind flies in dreanor that shows how much works.. Im totally for x5 as workaround in those zones.
  4. Thanks mate. Is there any dungeon that works good? I read irondocks is good but thats for retail.
  5. Does anyone know if the garrison transmog sets are farmable? (The clan ones like This) i stumbled across those small items that you habe to collect but i am Not sure for the tokens that you need for shoulders/belt/headpiece. And if its possible to Farm them some tips for farming would ne great to. Thanks
  6. I dont think this will work since no raids from wod work here or are closed. (I think a few bosses work..)
  7. Would still be nice if older content would work on the latest expansions. I dont know if its possible but isnt there a way to include working content from realms with older patches onto newer ones so that everything works everywhere?
  8. If there stands "not available" its the text thats not there had the Same on my Hunter iirc (or another alt)
  9. Boris comes on special ocasions like christmas.
  10. Hallöchen und so. Hatte vor kurzem überlegt mal bei den verbleibenden deutschen Gilden anzufragen ob man nicht einfach alles zusammenführen sollte um eventuell mal zusammen raiden zu können. Die frage ist nur ob da noch mehr Leute dazu kommen würden (falls noch deutsche hier spielen..). Wenn jemand Interesse hat einfach mal hier anschreiben oder antworten.
  11. leveled there yesterday 3-5k exp
  12. hi. i would like to know if theres a guild with heirloomlegs or if its just a myth
  13. Since the event should Start today i would like to know if its possible to fight the eventboss? Thanks in advance <3
  14. This gm response captures the spirit of half of the servers comunity. Still a big no-no for a gm to Talk like that. But on the other Hand its just the gms answer and i am Not sure if i want to know if Theres a reason that He talks like that.
  15. I think its for all allied races. I had the Same problems with nightborne