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  1. Good evening everyone im trying to import Argus - Vulnerability Nameplate string into my wa but it doesn't work , it gives me this error https://imgur.com/EJSRYFU is there anyway to fix this ? or another working string ? im using 7.3.5 latest version . thank you.
  2. Arena Skirmishes is a form of unranked PvP arena. You can queue with 1 or 2 party members, or by yourself and be matched up with others , And your PvP ratings are not affected by wins and losses in Skirmishes
  3. update your game using fs launcher , i can see the 7.1.5 server is 7.3.5 now
  4. So what about this problem ? http://imgur.com/a/iYwaO
  5. Try to repair the game from Firestorm Launcher