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  1. Ik i could have been a film director ;D
  2. you chilling u get ban every season
  3. Not banned, just playing retail Still im the only one did 2.750 3v3 s2 And KEK: https://imgur.com/a/7Eo62Xh
  4. Well as player (specially in pvp) i can say just " its deserved" everything. Well dusttiy said the truth actually fs has for real the worst devs and QA. Maybe its hard for Shelby cuz he is the project owner but its actually the truth. Everything is badly managed from the pvp prizes to the people who should check for abuse, up to the bans to be given. ( during any season) An adivce i can give to you its to remove any staff member from france you gonna see things going better rofl.
  5. Be carefull of what you do with your character specially if you are hightrated, Firestorm its famous for banning randomly isntead of fixing things, unless you are a QA or something than u can do that, just saying
  6. I just want to share this absolute masterpiece made by me more dan 2 years ago. Nothing has change: https://imgur.com/a/4Jcjt8P
  7. kappa, so if my pet is bugged its my fault, nice, good luck try to solve ur autism
  8. i got banned cuz my pet was doing holy damage instead of physical so what i can say, Good luck! do some yoga or drink tea
  9. im not against dat just what he write make no sense, hope they fix this situation, i mean for you guys u seems really mad about it rofl
  10. https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/theory/mechanic/item/159644/getiikkucutofdeath?spec=WarriorFury&version=live https://imgur.com/a/pCXK3b7 Yea only you is thinking its legit, and staff or whatever it's dat mass of ppl
  11. imagine try to get my attention by quote me on forum, kinda sad.... kekw And to be clear.... if firestorm dev are incompetent this is have nothing to deal with me, Pantoufle should choose better staff and better QA: i mean gettiku hunter QA....KEKW
  12. ahahah , so whats the point of spending 3k points on ur character if u can not pvp, and u dont have to pve cuz u are end -game make no sense, what they did make sense shop pve gear to pvp, if u do not want pvp as 430 just keep pve until u get almost full gear then start pvp u will see things change, if u are decent if u are not dat will not change anything even with 455 gear
  13. hahaahahahhahaha