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  1. Title: Island Expeditions Type: In-game Description:  We have 1 month till 8.2 patch but can i ask about island expeditions? We dont have nothing to do now just w8 for patch but if you open island expeditions sooner it shoud be pretty helpfull bcs you can lvl your neck sooner and do other things when everything come out. You need 43(if i remember correctly) azerite neck for fully open mythic azerite gear, but when 8.2(8.1) come out you need to do lot of other things like war capaign,M+,raid then you get gear which one you cant fully unlock, (I know on retail you didnt get ASAP azerite level to fully opened when next tier was released but you still farm Expeditions before it bcs that was only thing have some relevance.) You said you have "3 islands should be available at the release" it is 8.0 content so if one expeditions is scripted i dont see problem to open it sooner.
  2. When you open WIng 1 of Raid do you increase M+ ilvl or Season 2 M+ come sooner than Wing 1 of Bod, On retail there is like one week before releasing new raid/or season there is ilvl restriction on M+ loot if i remmeber correctly first week you only need to do M+ 5 bcs above that there was restriction on ilvl do you want do something similiar here?
  3. Some update on this tournament?
  4. Playing on Sethraliss Horde I unlock professions in Dalaran and learn eng do strat quests. I try to craft items from Legion eng, crafting item color is orange=shoud give skill but when i finish craft i have 0/75 skill in Legion eng. Is it bug or i miss something
  5. correction M+2 = 20 M+3 = 30 M+10 = 100
  6. Title: Ranking Pve>MYTHIC Ranking>Firestorm "" Type: Website Description:  You have Ranking Pve=MYTHIC RANKING Is it possible to create something like (Its addon which show your score from M+, every Dungeon have set score when you kill it in time or not) to show players who do M+ bcs Ranking Pve get resseted every week but it woud be nice to see PPL score it shoudnt be so hard to create. I dont mena it like copy of raider io which show score in time(In Time Atal M+2 example=218 score) and after time (After Time Atal M+2 example 191 score) but simple score when ppl who finish dung (in/after it doesnt matter) get M+2=200 score M+3=300 score .... and it woud be connected to his armory or new page on firestorm website.And it woud be counting score for all dungeons with their highest key finished so in the end: example 12 dungeons at total finished all M+10 shoud give 1200 score. I post same in bugreport>website my bad but i think it shoud be there at forum
  7. Im 113 and run out of quests. I have no quest at table. I start Nazmir quest line stop at [That Which Haunts the Dead] where one slain for quest have immunity so cant be killed. On map it show two more quests Catching Up and There is no plan "B" but there is no npc/object where i can accept that quests. In zuldazar it show no quest at all.