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[Oribos] List of available instances

12 posts in this topic

This post is to help answer the burning question each of you have that wants to do older content. 
Which instances are doable and which are not.
Note: This list is currently up to date till 9.1 and is ONLY for the Oribos Realm.

A bit of explaining how the list will be laid out:
Available - the instance is fully doable.
Not available - the instance is not doable at all.
Available - the instance is doable but there are a few minor issues, with this a workaround will be listed if there is one and what the exact issue is.

Feel free to add any extra information missed in the comments below and it will be updated on the list.


Classic Dungeons:
Blackfathom Deeps - Available 


- After killing Kerlis, the scenario doesn't trigger and the door to the last area does not open.
- Aku'mai can't be killed.

Blackrock Depths - Available


- Lord Roccor is spawned down lower than indicated on the map.
- Getting to General Angerforge is difficult as there are some textures not spawned in but if you follow the path you can get to him.
- Can't get to the last area of the dungeon as you can get the Grim Grizzler Key.

The Deadmines Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Dire Maul East - Available
Dire Maul North - Available
Dire Maul West - Available
Ragefire Chasm - Available
Maraudon - Available


- Tinkerer Gizlock is not spawned in.
- Rotgrip is spawned ( 33,41/77.28).

Lower Blackrock Spire - Available


- Urok Doomhowl is spawned in and can be activated however you can not attack him.

Gnomeregan - Available


- Grubbis can't be activated.

Razorfen Kraul - Available
Razorfen Downs - Available


- Death Speaker Blackthorn can't be killed cause he keeps phasing when you try to attack him.
- Amnenar the Coldbringer won't spawn because Death Speaker Blackthron can't be killed. 

Scarlet Monastery Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Scarlet Halls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Scholomance Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Stratholme - Available


- Heartsinger Forresten is not spawned.

Shadowfang Keep Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Stockade - Available
The Temple of Atal'hakkar - Available
Uldaman - Available


- Archaedas can be activated but is not attackable.

Wailing Caverns - Available


- Kresh is not spawned in.

Zul'farrak - Available


Classic Raids:
Molten Core -  Available


-Majordormus, is friendly and can't be attacked.

Blackwing Lair - Available 
Ruins of Ahn'qairaj - Available
Temple of Ahn qiraj - Available





The Burning Crusade Dungeons:
Auchenai crypts Normal/Heroic Mode
 - Available
Shadow Labyrinth Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Sethekk Halls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Mana Tombs Normal Mode - Available
Mana Tombs Heroic Mode -  Available


- Yor is not spawned in.

The Slave Pens Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
The Steamvault Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


- Can't access last boss even if you use the control panel.

The Underbog Normal/Heroic Mode -  Available
The Blood Furnace Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Hellfire Rampart Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
The Shattered Halls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
The Mechanar Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


- Can't access last are for the last two bosses because elvator moves just as you get close to it and doesn't come back down.

Tempest Keep - Available
The Botanica Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Magisters' Terrace Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Old Hillsbrad Foothills Normal/Heroic Mode -Available


- Epoch Hunter doesn't work.

The Black Morass Normal/Heroic Mode - Not available


The Buring Crusade Raids:
Karazhan - Available


- Servant's Quarter doesn't work.
- Don't start Opera Hall or you will be hard stuck in the scenario.
- Chess event doesn't work NPC has no dialogue option.

Gruul's Lair - Available
Serpentshrine Cavern - Available


- The Lurker does not spawn
- Lady Vashj does not work, the mobs does not drop the item to break the shield.

The Eye - Available
Magtheridons LairAvailable
The Battle for Mount Hyjal - Available
Black Temple - Available


- Shade of Akama doesn't work, cant talk to NPC to start event to trigger boss.
- Gurtogg Bloodboil doesn't work.
- Illidan Stormrage doesn't work, after you kill him, he stays in death animation and doesn't die.

Sunwell Plateau - Available








Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons:
The Violet Hold Normal/Heroic Mode - Not available
Trial of the Champion Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


- Argent Confessor Paletress does not spawn in.

Halls of reflection Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


- Escape from Arthas RP takes you to last boss where slyvanas gets stucks and gets killed. Does not allow you to go back into the room where you started the RP. Does not work.

The Forge of Souls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Pit of Saron Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
The Nexus Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


- Keristrasza RP event does not work.

The Oculus Normal/Heroic Mode -  Available
Azjol-Nerub Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Ahn'kahef: The Old Kingdom Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Dark'Tharon Keep Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Gundrak Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


- Drakkari Colossus is spawned but is not killable.
- Unable to get to Gal'darah.

Utgrade Pinnacle Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


- Svala Sorrowgrave is spawned but is not killable.
- Skadi the Ruthless is spawned but is not killable.
- Skadi the Ruthless is spawned but is not killable.

Utgrade Keep Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Halls of Stone Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


- Can't kill Tribunal of Agese.
- Can't get to area for Sjonnir thee Ironshaper.

Halls of Lighting Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
The Culling of Stratholme Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


Wrath of the Lich King Raids:
Vault of Archavon 10/25 Normal Mode - Available
Naxxramas 10/25 Normal Mode -  Available


- Kel'Thuzad is not available on 25 man.

Obsidian sanctum &nbsp;10/25 Normal Mode - Available
The Eye of Eternity - Not available
Ulduar - Available


- Flame LEviathan doesn't work, despawns as soon as you attack.
- Thorim doesn't work, you can't get pass phase 1.
- Yogg-saron doesnt work. the door to his room doesn't open.
- Alagalon doesn't work, the door to his room doesn't open.

Trial of the crusader 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Not available
Onyxia's Lair 10/25 Normal Mode - Available
Ice crown Citedal 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


- Icecrown Gunship battle, the scenario doesn't work at all to start the boss fight.
- Valthria Dreamwalker does not work, resets as soon as you heal her.

The ruby sanctum 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available







Cataclysm Dungeons:
Deadmines Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Shadowfang Keep Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
End Time - Available


- Can't get to Echo Jaina and Echo of Baine, as there is no option for it in the teleport pad.

Hour of Twilight - Available
Zul'Gurub Normal Mode - Not available
Zul'Gurub Heroic Mode - Available


- Gri'lek is not spawned.
- Renataki is not spawned.
- Wushoolay is not spawned.
- Jin'do the Godbreaker goes into 2nd phase and becomes unkillable.

The Stonecore Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Grim Batol Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Halls of Origination Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Lost City of the Tol'vir Normal/Heroic - Available
The Vortex Pinnacle Normal/Heroic  - Available
Blackrock Caverns Normal/Heroic  - Available
Well of Eternity - Available
Throne of the Tide - Available
Zul'Aman Normal - Not available
Zul'Aman Heroic - Available


- Can't get to Halazzi's area.


Cataclysm Raids:
Baradin Hold - Available
Blackwing Descent 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
The bastion of twilight 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Throne of the Four winds 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode -  Not available
Firelands Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Dragon Soul 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode -  Available


- Utlraxion doesn't work, the scenario doesn't start to spawn the boss however if you die and go up again you can do the scenario.
- Hagara the stormbinder doesn't work, you get stuck in phase 2 however there is a workaround if you wait for the adds to attack you first she will come out of her phase 2.
- Warmaster Black horn doesn't work, can't reach the boss.
- Spine of Deathwing doesn't work, can't reach the boss.
- Madness of Deathwing doesn't work, can't reach the boss.
-  Airship battle/Warmaster Blackhorn is available on normal but not heroic.








Mist of Pandaria Dungeons:
Temple of the Jade Serpent Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


- Lorewalker Stonestep's RP stops after first phase and can't be killed.

Mogu'shan Palace Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


- Trial of the King does not work, after you kill the 3 generals the RP stops and you are hardstuck.

Shado-Pan Monastery Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


- First boss can't be kill and that prevents you from doing the rest of the dungeon.

Scarlet Monastery Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Scarlet Halls Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Siege of Niuzao Temple Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


- Wing Leadeer Ner'onok can't be accessed , area is blocked off.

Scholomance Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Stormstout Brewery Normal/Heroic Mode - Available


Mist of Pandaria Raids:
Mogushan Vaults 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Terrace of Endless Spring 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode -  Available
Heart of Fear 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode -  Available
Throne of Thunder 10/25 Normal/Heroic Mode - Available
Seige of Orgimmar Normal/Heroic -  Available


- Galakras doesn't work, 2 cannons can't be destoryed and you can't trigger boss.
- Spoils of Pandaria doesn't work, can't disable weapon system.
- Rest of the raid is not accessible.








Warlords of Draenor Dungeons:
Auchindoun all difficulties - Available
Grimrail Depot all difficulties -  Not available 
The Everbloom all difficulties -  Available


- Wtherbark is not working, can't be attacked.
- Bonus boss doesn't work, scenario to spawn the boss doesn't work.
- Archmage Sol doesn't work, can't teleport to Stormwind

Bloodmaul Slag Mines all difficulties -  Not available 
Skyreach all difficulties -  Available


- Rukhran cannot be killed
- High Sage Viryx can't be accessed. 

Iron Docks all difficulties -  Not available 
Upper Blackrock Spire all difficulties -  Not available 
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds all difficulties -  Not available 


Raids of Warlords of Draenor:

Highmaul all difficulties - Available
Blackrock Foundry all difficulties - Available


- Operator Thogar is not available on Mythic Mode.

Hellfire Citadel all difficulties - Available







Legion Dungeons:
Important note: Scaling is off in legion so it will take you a while to kill any boss in these dungeons
Violet Hold - Available 
Blackrook Hold all difficulties - Available
Cathedral of Eternal Night all difficulties - Available
Vault of the Wardens all difficultiesAvailable
Court of Stars all difficultiesAvailable
Darkheart Thicket all difficulties - Available
Maw of Souls all difficulties - Available
The Arcway all difficulties - Available
Eye of Azshara All difficultiesAvailable
Return to Karazhan - Not available 
Seat Of Triumvirate all difficultiesAvailable


Legion Raids:
Emerald nightmare all difficulties  -  Available


- lI'gynoth Heart of Corruption can't be done, the mechanics to move the boss into a phase where you can kill it doesn't work.
- Xavius and Cenarius can't be accessed.

Trial of Valor all difficulties - Available
Nighthold all difficulties  - Available


- Gul'dan can't be done there is a work around for it, if you manage to kill it before it goes into his illidan phase it works.

Tomb of Sargeras all difficulties - Available


- Sisters of the moon doesn't work, goes into a phase where you can't attack her, however  there is a workaround if you get a class with strong dots.
- Fallen Avatar, don't kill this too fast or it will bug out.

Antorus the Burning Throne - Available







Battle for Azeroth:
Doable solo. 
Freehold all difficulties - Available 
Ataldazar all difficultiesAvailable
Waycrest Manor all difficulties - Available
King's Rest all difficulties - Available
Shrine of the Storm all difficulties - Available
The Underrot all difficulties - Available
Not doable solo but still doable.
Siege of Boralus all difficulties - Available 
Tol-Dagor all difficulties - Available 
Temple of Sethralis all difficulties - Available 
The MOTHERLODE! all difficulties - Available 


Raids for Battle for Azeroth:
Uldir all difficulties - Available 
Battle of Dazar'alor all difficulties - Available 
Crucible of the Storms all difficulties - Not available
The Eternal Palace all difficulties - Not available
Ny'alotha The Waking City all difficulties - Available 

Last updated on 12/08/2022

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Theres a lot of good info on this list but it does need work.

Blackrock Depths: Grim Guzzler key is not the problem, a rogue can pickpocket it and there are ways around for other classes.
The problem is the door before Magmus and Emperor Thaurissan, the mobs needed to open it arent spawned.
there are probably still ways to get past the door but thats very difficult.
Alternatively, send a warlock/hunter/mage/dk pet and you might be able to area loot Magmus with a trash mob killed at the door; this does not work for Emperor, he is too far away.

Old Hillsbrad Foothills: first 2 bosses work fine and have always worked. Epoch Hunter doesnt work.

Dragon Soul 10/25 normal: Airship battle/Warmaster Blackhorn is possible to kill and loot. (bugged only on Heroic).
Throne of the Tides works
Uldum (if you cannot enter these, switch to old version of Uldum at Zidormi first)
Vortex Pinnacle works
Throne of the Four Winds works
Lost City of the Tol'Vir works

Iron Docks worked fine last time I checked. Didnt test recently so cant say for sure.

Return to Karazhan (Legion):
Oneshotting Opera Event (frost DK Wyrm for example) is possible, then you can reach Moroes/Attumen. Tested recently with Beautiful Beast event.
Violet Hold works.

Edited by Hogroth

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Hi @Hogroth and @Florix

The list was updated with the information given. Thank you.
As for certain classes being able to pass it, the list was made in a way to include that any class can do it. That is why some of the information you mentioned here @Hogroth was not added.
The workaround you find will still be in your comment but will not be added to the list.

Senior Support Ech0

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It seems that Nyalotha mythic bugs out in a few ways:

  • If you enter the raid and relog, you are teleported to shadowlands
  • If you die and release, you are teleported to shadownlands
  • If you kill 3 bosses and you leave the raid and re-enter, you appear nowhere.

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Hi @Kipce

Thank you for the information however this will nott be added to the topic, but I'll leave it in the replies so players can read through it in order to avoid these situations.


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Just want to contribute - the Deadmines Ironclad door that leads to the Captain Cookie and Vanessa van Cleef is locked and can't be opened. Which means that the heroic  version of Deadmines does not work.

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Another addition: Azjol Nerub does not spawn Hadronox so he can't be killed for the dungeon achievement

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A lot of dungeons seems to work , how i can join any of them as i have only battle for azeroth dungeons avaible , only with portal or is there any way to sign RDF ?

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7 hours ago, kameqq said:

A lot of dungeons seems to work , how i can join any of them as i have only battle for azeroth dungeons avaible , only with portal or is there any way to sign RDF ?

sadly only with portal

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Scarlet Monastery is bug right now at 9.2. Last boss cant be killed because the priest doesnt revive Durand. Even if you rejoin the dungeon you can't kill him because Durand is alive and when you killed him the priest starts to attack you but you can't attack her.

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