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Server Wiki --> Written by Me

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Hey English speakers this message has two pieces of information for you.

#1: Join the Guardians guild, it's the only good guild on the server and you might as well be in it.
#2: Check out the wiki I wrote for all the people who want to git gud.

The server is still very much alive and thriving if you're in the right place.  PVP still happens, BGs still happen, Raids happen almost daily, and people are literally the fastest in WoW history (I fly at almost 800%).  If you want to become strong there is one place to do it, in my guild.  If you want to become REALLY STRONG and *fast* then you should read these guides.

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Archiving this topic.

If this issue persists please make another topic here or if you require support with any technical issue please make a ticket here

Take care,
Looic, INT Support

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