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[MoP] Destruction Warlock Guide for 5.4.8

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Spoiler By far the best Race for Destruction. I found Gnome to be more than viable for competitive arena due Escape Artist -> more utility and Mobility ( lots of scenarios, like getting rooted/slowed in front of a pillar when you try to get a howl of terror etc etc. ) The most damage output you can have as Destruction (has to be played only with unbound and no Insignia), has 15% stun reduction, some additional pet DMG. Viable due Will of the Forsaken against Fears, haven't played it on retail, but it's certainly better for peeling your teammates and interrupting setups from the enemy team. I also played Goblin on retail during s15 and found it to be pretty underrated, Rocket Jump can also be a great tool in the same way as Gnome to get Howls/get in port&gateway range/Jumping in&out of Ring of Frost/Getting into Spirit Link etc. However it's on global-cooldown and can be interrupted mid-air. 



The go-to spec for the very most arenas you will do:
Dark Regeneration - Simply mandatory, should almost always be combined with Healthstone, has obvious synergy with Ember Tap. 

Mortal Coil - Mostly used with Havoc, is the overall better choice because your spec relies around CC and burst. You need a reliable stun in your team for this to get a long enough CC to kill.

Dark Bargain - Mandatory for 3v3, can be used while under all CC effects besides silence, will leave you with a big DoT on yourself, counts as magic damage and can be partly absorbed by Twilight Ward.

Unbound Will - Preferable used to finish someone off/avoiding burst with Teleport/Gate/lining. 

Grimoire of Sacrifice - Mostly used with Fellhunter, can be played with Imp against Hunter teams since Supermancy Imp almost dies instantly, can be played with Voidwalker against double meele/hunter in 2v2 to first disarm and after use Command Demon->Last Stand->Heals 

Archimonde's Darkness - Mandatory, Kil'jaeden's Cunning is a fun talent, but is not viable in 3v3 because Destruction is not build around doing constant pressure or kiting. Archimonde's Darkness gives you more Embers quickly to your disposal and makes you able to threaten a kill more frequently. Mannoroth's Fury is only made for pujo. 

Green are viable options:

Shadowfury - Especially strong in duels/BGs, can be viable when playing with classes that don't have a reliable stun in arena.

Soul Link with Supermancy - I only used to play this spec against Turbo Cleave for example because you could simply not outlive the pressure. However this is not viable against DKs due passive DoT spread.

Soul Link with Sacrifice - Can be a viable choice in 2v2 when: You are facing a low BURST heavy comb like Caster/Hunter+Healer and you are playing with a hybrid class that is able to heal you. I never play this spec, because it's scaling really poorly without full prideful gear. This spec is also a risky trade-off, you lack the momentum to trade your cooldowns against the enemies cooldowns effectively to score a kill. You lose your strength of having 2 trinkets, since you are almost forced to safe 1 trinket for popping your heals and Ember Tap. However it's a legitimate playstyle that relies a lot on embertaping. 



1. I never do not use this Glyph.

2. I always use this Glyph, you can discard this Glyph if you face a comb where you will just be able to use it when you are already low like against RMD for example. 

3. Eternal Resolve - Passive 10% DMG reduction, is good against combs that don't have too many interrupts. I prefer a playstyle without this Glyph, it allows you to ignore 1factor which can ruin your attempt of forcing defensive's. 

3. 4s reduction does not seem like much, but it makes a huge difference when you are able to port away earlier from meeles that train you. I mostly play this Glyph in 3v3. 

3. Havoc is a Glyph that increases your charges by 3. That means you are able to perform 6 actions on 2 targets that are not Chaos Bolts (consumes 3). Now, this Glyph may be really sick, however you won't get a benefit out of it if you are playing with a teammate that has CC which breaks on DMG. If you are playing 2v2 as double DPS without real heals this Glyph is almost a must. You get 2x more embers since you duplicate your spells upton a second target, this translates into more self-healing and burst potential to end games quickly. I will elaborate later why this Glyph is mostly not used in 3s. (Don't like me Thugonomics VoDs where he oneshots 2targets in season 12), don't make me laugh, people didn't even know what havoc is back then. 

4. Fear Glyph is a highly underrated Glyph that has the benefit of not having to move and getting safe re-fears without wasting time. It can be especially useful to fear DPS behind pillars so their healers have a hard time dispeling it. 

There is no mandatory Glyph for Destruction, pick what you feel is enjoyable for your playstyle. 


Spoiler Tailoring is by far the best. Blacksmithing is the second best profession due it's unique support for Mastery instead of just Intellect/Crit

Reforging,Sockets and Enchants


I recommend using "Reforge Lite" for reforging with the following priority:
6% Hit>Mastery>Crit>Haste

Meta Gem - Burning Primal Diamond
Orange Socket - Artful Vermilion Onyx
Yellow Socket - Fractured Sun's Radiance
Green Socket (non humans) - Sensei's Wild Jade ( hit+mastery )

Shoulders - Crit + Int Scroll
Cloak - Tailor Enchant/180 int if you dislike Tailoring Proc
Chest - 80 Stats
Bracer - 180 Intellect, yes not Mastery
Gloves - 170 Mastery
Belt - Bucket
Legs - Int+Crit
Feet - 140 Mastery+Movementspeed
Weapon - Jade Spirit
Off-Hand- 165 Int



#showtooltip Dark Bargain
/cast Dark Bargain
/cast Sacrificial Pact

#showtooltip Demonic Circle: Teleport
/cast Drain Soul
/cancelaura Havoc
/cancelaura Metamorphosis
/cancelaura Soul Swap

#showtooltip Dark Soul
/cast [target=Arena1] Fear

#showtooltip Fel Flame
/cast [target=mouseover,exists] Fel Flame
/cast [target=focus] Fel FLame

#showtooltip Grimoire of Sacrifice
/cast [@mouseover, exists] Banish; [@target] Banish
/cast Dreadsteed

#showtooltip Blood Horror
/cast Burning Rush
/cast Unbound Will 
/cast Blood Horror
/cancelaura Burning rush

#showtooltip Command Demon
/cast [@player] Singe Magic
/cast Sear Magic
/cast Consume Shadows
/cast Devour Magic
/cast Whiplash
/cast Felstorm
/cast Fellash
/cast Clone Magic

#showtooltip Dark Soul
/cast Dark Soul
/use 14

#showtooltip Singe Magic
/cast [@Teammate1] Singe Magic
/cast [@Teammate1] Singe Magic
/cast [@Teammate1] Singe Magic
/cast [@Teammate1] Command Demon
/cast [@Teammate1] Command Demon
/cast [@Teammate1] Command Demon

#showtooltip Curse of Enfeeblement
/cast [@focus] Curse of Enfeeblement
/cast Magic Rooster

#showtooltip Command Demon
/cast [@focus] Devour Magic
/cast [@focus] Clone Magic
#showtooltip Command Demon
/cast [@focus] Command Demon
/cast [@focus] Spell Lock
/cast [@focus] Seduction
/cast [@focus] Disarm
/cast [@focus] Optical Blast
/cast [@focus] Mesmerize
/cast Flee

#showtooltip Havoc
/cast [target=focus] Havoc

#showtooltip Dark Regeneration
/cast Cauterize Master
/cast Dark Regeneration

#show Command Demon
/cast Command Demon
/cast Spell Lock
/cast Seduction
/cast Disarm
/cast Optical Blast
/cast Mesmerize

#showtooltip Command Demon

Playable Compositions


Tier List from Top to Bottom in my experience:
Double DPS
Destro + Boomy
Destro + Feral
Destro + Windwalker
Destro + Mage
Destro + Rogue
Destro + Ret
Destro + Ele
Destro + Warrior *hehe
Destro + Rdruid
Destro + Mistweaver
Destro + Hpally
Destro + Rsham(I hate it)





The game plan does vary a lot so I will not try to explain in 50 paragraphs what you will have to do because it will only make things complicated for you to understand. However your goal is to accomplish timing windows where your opponents don't have the tools necessary to stop your Chaos Bolts. Your team mates are not allowed to use their CD bound CC without you having DMG ready unless the kill target is almost in reach to execute. 
Burst rotation is roughly: Procs -> pop Dark Soul+on-use -> Chaos Bolt -> Conflagrate 1-2 if available-> get target in reach of execute with Fel Flame or incinerate if procs are not lined up. 

If you have questions or just no basic idea what to do I recommend watching my stream and contact me for questions off-stream so I can take my time to explain/spectate. 

Video Gameplay explained


Playing with Boomy
Playing with Windwalker
Playing with Warrior HpriestWW RogMage
Playing with Mage


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Very nice guide! :)

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