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  1. Wow, great job !!!
  2. Next week I will make separately torrents by expansion's.
  3. I upgrade my seedbox on 10 Gbps, but have only 2TB upload limit. After vacitane i will try to find another seedbox without upload limit.
  4. I personal tray all and all is checked. All is ok.
  5. I upload torrent file on tracker: Complete Firestorm Torrent - Full Game Download p.s. - I can't edit mail post.
  6. I attach Firestorm.torrent on this post..don't know what is on main post (can't edit first post) Firestorm.torrent
  7. Hi cavaclub, I seed up 99.9% in 24h :-) But help will be very nice.
  8. This torrrent package include Full Game Clients for: Warlords Of Draenor Mists Of Pandaria Cataclysm Wrath Of the Lich King The Burning Crusade I got idea to make this torrent when I see special actions "Boris returns", and after that I create this torrent, and for all ppl witch have problems with download of game client. After download all or selected expansions over torrent client, please check guide how to install Firestrom Launcher and how to add selected game expansion on link Warlords of Draenor 6.2.3 - Full Client Download Guide (this guide is for Warlords of Draenor but can to use same method for other expansions ex. Cataclysm). I using Linux and if You are lake me, check this guide Complete Firestorm Linux Guide and You can to use same method from guide for other expansions. Note: I make optimization for old PC & linux pc in WTF folder I set to game use OpenGL not DirectX, if You are on Windows and have brand new PC with lot CPU power free free to delete WTF directory and game will by default work with DirectX. If using Linux my suggestion is to leave on OpenGL. p.s. - Please Seed this torrent to support Firestorm and players, and feel free to upload this torrent file on any public/private torrent tracker. Firestorm.torrent
  9. Wont to play on Firestorm server with linux? No problem. I using Debian GNU/Linux 8.5 "Jessie" but this guide will be work on other popular linux distributions. 1. Download Full game Easy way is download from torrent, go on link https://monova.org/torrent/39479862/world-of-warcraft-6-2-3-full-firestorm.html and download torrent file and with Torrent client download "World of Warcraft 6.2.3 Full - Firestorm" 2. Install PlayOnLinux I using Debian GNU/Linux Jessie 8.5 distribution and installation is very simple and fast. Open console as root and install program with: If wont last version of PlayOnLinux go on https://www.playonlinux.com/en/download.html and check information how to install. 3. Configure PlayOnLinux for Wine Click on Tools->Manage Wine versions Click on "Wine versions (x86)" and I select 1.9.12-staging Click next and wait to download wine and some packages... Wine now is ready for use, now close wine versions manager and going on next step. 4. Configure PlayOnLinux for WOW In main window have toolbar and click Configure, click New, click Next Select "32 bits windows installation" and click on Next Select Wine from step 2. and click Next Choose the name of virtual drive I use "Firestorm" and click Next 5. Make account on Firestorm Open link https://firestorm-servers.com/en/welcome and complete form: username,email,password then click on Register and check mail for verification account. 6. Install Full Game client and Firestorm Launcher Open file manager and in "PlayOnLinux's virtual drives->Firestorm->drive_c" make folder "Games" and copy game downloaded from torrent in Games folder Open link https://firestorm-servers.com/en/welcome/play login (if not loged), on section JOIN US select expansion: Warlords of Draenor Click on Choose (WOD), and You will got link for download launcher, download and save FirestormLauncherSetup.exe Now going to install Firestorm Launcher, click Configure on toolbar of PlayOnLinux and select Firestorm Click on Miscellaneous and click on "Run a .exe file in this virtual drive", and select FirestormLauncherSetup.exe 7. FireStorm Launcher After star Firestorm Launcher You will got this: Enter e-mail, password and click on LOG IN, then click on icone "Warlords od Draenor" (last row) and click on "Already Installed ?". Select "My Computer->C:->Games->World of Warcraft 6.2.3 Full - Firestorm" and click OK Selected folder contain the full game, click Yes Wait to download base files, don't click Play go on step 8., close launcher. 8. Before starting game make finally preparation Go in PlayOnLinux, click on toolbar Configure Select Firestorm, and click on Miscellaneous then select "Open virtual drive's directory" Now before start game make shortcut, go on PlayOnLinux and click on toolbar Configure, select Firestorm and under General select "Make a new shortcut from this virtual drive" Your PlayOnLinux now looks: 9. First start Start Firestorm Launcher, click on Warlords of Draenor then click on Play, on first start You will got dialog for language, just press OK Wait 3-5 min to show/finish finally preparation... Game will start but first time will not start OpenGL driver, now close game Open file drive_c/Games/WOW/WTF/Firestorm.wtf find in file: SET gxApi "D3D11" and replace with: SET gxApi "OpenGL" add if not exist video resolution (in my case 1920x1080) SET gxResolution "1920x1080" other option setup from game for example: - Anti-Aliasing - Vertical Sync - Texture Resolution - View Distance etc... 10. Enjoy in game That is all , see You in game. * note : after start game, can't click other options in firestorm launcher just simple close and restart if need. ** note: when start game in first 30 - 60 sec I have litle "lag" efect but after that all work perfect
  10. Great video !!! Lot of usefull information.