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    Hello and good morning today after accumulating the required points I went to the firestorm shop to pass a character from my WoD to Legion, a beautiful undead dk to which I devoted hours of playtime but this happened and the thing is I only have 11 characters, there's room for 1 more since in legion the maximum is 12 this is probably because the limit in WoD is 11 and the shop has that bug, or maybe a deleted character is still occupying the place?, can i get an answer and hopefully a solution, i was looking forward to playing with my bony friend
  2. well they fixed the ranks, and that was a f up, now i can't learn the recipes because all the rank 1 are given by quest that are bugged or not present at all, honestly they should just let it be unless they're going to fix it completely
  3. I have 11 characters with 25 ak, it's really not that hard, once my main got to 25 ak i could buy the books to give instant 20 ak to the others my main is 852ilvl because i don't play for the mythic content, even with that ilvl and 32 traits you won't get picked to mythic if you are not a healer, even for bg the minimum is 860ilvl, stop complaining and play the game, I play for fun if you play with the mythic content in mind you'll get there easily
  4. hi, i was thinking of buying a character but I have 11 characters already, and when trying to pass a char from wod to legion it says that there's no more room, now the limit was increased from 11 in wod to 12 in legion so there should be no problem but I think the system is not aware of that, I was going to pass my dk and sell one of my dh, but now I don't know what to do
  5. well you know, normal people don't use flask and potions in bg, they just play for fun, but again normal people don't brag about their damage in the forums
  6. the elite and rares do give apexis, check how much you have before and after killing one, you get 1500 apexis daily from the giant birdperson, you can also get 1500 from the other quest in kingslanding or the orc landing, you know the horde or alliance bases in tanaan jungle Now for the big one, build a mage tower(allis) or a shaman hut? mystic something?(hordies) in the garrison, you can get a lot of apexis there, you use ogre waystones to get workorders, that gets you apexis crystal, also put your garrison mine and garden to work, stone and seeds for work orders, when each work order is picked you get some apexis, also the war mill, put your garrison to work, you will also get some garrison table missions that rewards apexis, prioritize them, if you have a follower with the apexis trait use it always, you will get you 150k apexis in 3 months max oh and the ogre waystones can be farmed from orcs sometimes but the best mob to farm them are of course ogres, so go to a place with many ogres and slay them all, you will need around 200 waystones a week
  7. worst walkthrough ever
  8. Hello fellow players, I recently built my shipyard, got lucky enough to get an epic transport but I can't equip it with blast furnace or anything else, the missions are doable up to "Destroying the competition", I built the destroyer, but the naval mission "A Little Combat " doesn't appear, now I have seen the pet Left Shark in auction for a lot of gold and it's a very high level shipyard quest so people somehow have good and equipped ships, if someone provide with a little insight it would be most appreciated Now about the stables, I was reading In the updates that some of the highest level missions are fixed, however the first and basic taming a young clefthood mission is not doable, I go to frostfire and try the leash on any clefthood I find and it says "invalid target", is there an specific one? Is it not working? and if it isn't working why the higher questchain fixed? Thanks in advance for any info
  9. Good day, I'm not posting this in the bugtracker since I have no screenshots or recordings, and I'm not doing much pvp in legion because of the unbalance of the class, but yesterday I did a Silvershard mines, where I was obliterated by a destruction warlock and an effect ("bound by flame" I think) that rooted me in place indefinitely, so being a meelee class I was unable to do anything but die, so keep an eye out pvpers because i can only assume its a bug exploit
  10. And where are this world quest located? No one would farm rares if they knew where to make 2k with world quest
  11. What world quest? Also they announced new quest for new places in the broken islands, so far I've only seen a couple and more than a half can't be completed, none award order resources Honestly Firestorm staff, a big amount of people just logged in to farm this rares
  12. In wod there's glyph for blinking twice, In legion it's a talent You should try a mage
  13. The heirlooms mount, you need to collect 35 heirlooms, this mount can be used from level 1 Besides that one only the mounts from the mount collector achievement: albino drake, pandaren kite, dragonhawk and armored dragonhawk (different colors for horde and alliance), and the felfire spirehawk? Those are all you can get to my knowledge
  14. Well the season started and the new honor gear is the same ilvl than the old conquest points but in PvP they increase to 630, 10 ilvl higher than the old conquest ones
  15. Everyone can exploit it, all it takes is a sandstone drake close to the door, other players mount and dismount outside, a well placed Warlock portal also does the trick, I've seen it in both alliance and horde, a lot more in horde tho, since they seem to have more bug abusers in wod, and they seem to have reenrolled to alliance in legion I play both factions