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  1. Move ur exe fille to a other then ur boot drive. Execute as admin select language and be patient if ur conection is shit it can take up to 15 min + before startup filles cinematics are downloadit. frequently occuring issue if you did 5 min search you would have found 10 topics with same issue.
  2. if the above dont work There is a alternative. You could put ur characters for sale at minimum price. and buy with the other account ofc thats not free cuz minimum is 300 points and i believe firebug takes 30% transaction fee. And then buy gold or something else transferable from 1 account to the other(empty account)
  3. if you disconnect during bg you cant rejoin after unless its a random bg and if there is space if you dont kick there is no space even do he or she looks afk might be simple a dc.... and if your not in the bg (dc)is kind of logic you dont get the reward cuz he or she is not really there.
  4. unstuck true website.Or go say and type .s and enter
  5. I have come to the phase that want to explore multiple specs. The 9 gearsets are far from sufficient as is. In order to expand gearsets i tried: 1/Command to add new sets: However after relog it is not saving (in retail saves the new set but after relog it resets max equipment to default so evrytime you wanne add a set you have to run the command again) 2/Plain old macro: However If you run the macro its not working as it should.The item gets grayed out but does not swap.after you need to relog cuz swapping to other gearsets dossent work anymore .(see screenshot below). 3/Addon: i Have tried the addon called outfitter what did not work either I doubt that i am the only 1 having this issue.Did anybody manage to add more gearset true addon script or macro if so can you contact me in pm or write a reply here?
  6. try set another direct x driver in config mess around with resolution window options
  7. wait it might be downloading the cinematics or intro video try pres esc
  8. I explained why , You put in the efford reap the work no pay...1 pumpkin gives reward for 4 to 14 normal events if this reward still cant motivate you mayby you dont deserve the pumpkins (ofc thats just my opinion) The goal of the topic was to get a confirmation there are realy 200 and...since atleast some invest some time it would be nice to know if location will be revealed to see where we missed them if at all....The reason why this is a forum topic and not a pm at staff is because ur not allowed to share pm s off staff on forum bye requesting a response they know it will be viewed bye public...i assumed pp would be intrested to see if all locations would be showned at the end of the contest
  9. Hi , For all those that came to this topic to expect locations screenshots you can leave now this topic is not for you. I have been told the contest contains 200 pumpkins...spread over all maps.I have been over all maps and i have been compiling a multi guild this will not be made public since it undermines the search efford for more pumkins and would kill the event ...I have so far counted 150 pumpkins on all maps....I think its kind of hard to miss 50 with a whole realm looking so can you re affirm there are 200 in the Legion realm? and will you reveal the locations when the contest is over? Pumpkinz
  10. Imagine complaining about a minigame in a game called pvp Why would you even bother? If you wanne play pvp go do it on retail there here who wins depends on the 1 who hes most bug knowledge and is ready / willing to use.....+clases are so bugged / unbalanced its not even comparable wiith retail pvp....even for pve its hardly comparable with retail....on the legion server resto drood pve is atleast missing 30% off output and overall exp is verry weak 3 tallents broken sevral weapon affix not working properly and best in slot lego is bugged... i would already be happy if 1 or 2 rbg popped a day for daiyly bonus on sylvanas
  11. You get a hs to a place called garisson witch is like your own private city where you can normely have a auction house / bank acces/dechanting ... etc....if it was working properly If you dont know may i suggest you look up wow garrison in youtube
  12. the expansion is better compleetly skipped.....90% of quests / working contend of wod is bugged.... lvl up using dreanor exp boost potion you buy in your garison - go kill criters(low healthpull normal exp a ton strained together but they hit hard cc them) they are imaged on 4.35m in this video there are other ones aswel but because of hs the ones closer to ur garison make more sence.If i remember corectly there right under from your garison
  13. So i was asking about a fix on channel and i get kicked made a screenschot can anybody actualate ,tel me why. what the hel is a mayusical?