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  1. Hey Ech0, that actually worked, thank you! I put the folders on my desktop, started the game and put them back in my wow folder and the problem is fixed
  2. Pretty sure Horde is more populated faction rn
  3. The only addons I use are: Details SimulationCraft TomTom I tried disabling them, deleting my cache and even removing the addon files from my wow folder, but it still wont let me create an auction at the AH, the only thing it says is ''Interface failed because of an addon''. Does anyone know why cant I sell anything?
  4. Lag

    Is anyone else lagging in-game? I have like 300ms ping
  5. Same here, loading finished and just throws me out and shows me that error, what's happening? It's also showing that the server is offline
  6. also interested in the answer, I've been starting and shuttin down wow exe for a while now, should I just leave it?
  7. This is a really weird issue I'm having. It started a few hours ago and I just can't open WoW, here's a screen of my task manager: As you can see, Wow.exe is completely idle with barely any activity! I've tried to delete cache and all that stuff, restarting my pc, starting it from a minimal client, running as administrator directly from the client folder etc. - it's all the same , this only happens with BFA client (the one I downloaded from ur website), WoTLK (from other private server) works fine, everything worked fine like last night and now.., anyone knows how to fix this?
  8. Title: XP Rate NPC Type: In-game Description:  I'm new to the server and I stumbled upon the custom XP Rate NPC in Stormwind (BFA server). My thought is that if you're advertising the server as an x3 XP rate server, there's no need for the NPC to even be there, additionally, having that NPC standing there takes away from the blizzlike feel to it (no custom content), and for the players who want x1 XP rate, perhaps making another server with x1 XP rates would be better and make more sense, as someone who'd be playing x1 rate while most of the people play x3 on the same realm is kind of pointless and out of place, again, that's just my feedback, I also don't know anything about server hosting stuff so don't mind me.