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  1. Hello everyone! Take a look at the Kickstarter campaign of some friends and help them if you can! Thanks!
  2. Well, MMORPGs are supposed to be focused on leveling, so if you just want instant max levels maybe you should play another genre.
  3. x10 xp would be way better than Boris, but thanks anyway
  4. You're off topic and just being an idiot. Talk too much about 'brains' and can't even type? Oh boy... Bye.
  5. So, when they launch, before anyone starts playing, who pays them? Ads, partners, traffic info, means nothing to you? I don't believe you understand what's a private server, so I'm not the one to teach you. The point is: you can't start a "free" server for a paid game expecting that gamers won't pay for the original to pay for yours. You host the game. You make it work. The rest is bonus. Like I said 'Events are mostly the same for all expansions. It shouldn't be a problem.'
  6. Events are mostly the same for all expansions. It shouldn't be a problem. Well, if we wanted to pay for WoW, wouldn't we play retail?
  7. I just wanna say that is so disappointing that a simple annual event doesn't work. Events have just a few quests, it's not too much. Specially the ones that happen once a year. We have dozens of titles, but the only one I need for my Monk is the Brewmaster, from the Brewfest event. And now we can't get it, because some steps on the achievement can't be completed. So if Firestorm won't fix the event, please put the title for sale on the shop. It's the least you can do.
  8. They should extend until tomorrow since there are players who can only log on a specific time frame daily and are losing xp right now.
  9. Good to know. Thanks. That's bizarre. Maybe something about how the game was downloaded, who knows? In WoD and Legion server it's fine, checked today. Only on BFA I got this. But hey, at least for now my toons can run with super speed and fly around like Superman oO (but no, I won't risk being reported for 'speed hack' or something)
  10. When I use the mount, the dragon doesn't appear but I get the benefits of the mount (speed and flight). So the mount is working, it's just a visual bug. Can I fix it repairing installation, or with the cache/wtf removal kinda thing? My game was fully installed (did it from the full torrent) so that's not the problem. Or is it a server bug? Anyone knows that?
  11. OMG, those players of today... so many people crying because they won't get a 120 boost. Got news for you, folks: this is MMORPG. I guess you don't know what that means, so I'd advice you to read about it to understand 'leveling'... Firestorm is right. Don't give max level boosts. Make those lazy boys work for it. Anyway, just want to know if you guys have an idea of when Kul Tirans and Zandalari will be playable on Firestorm. Thanks.
  12. I believe you can buy them from other expansion and they will count for your account. But check it with a gm before to be sure.
  13. This is impossible. There is no such thing like jumping between servers of different expansions. It's like you try to save a photoshop file in notepad, for example. They should fix the leveling though, for sure. WoD quests used to work on WoD, but not in Legion. Legion quests used to work on Legion, but not in BFA. It's always the same thing. They run into a new expansion and let the basics out. I was lucky enough to have a lot of characters ranging from 100 to 110. But the ones I created on BFA, geez, what a pain...
  14. I'll answer myself in case other players have the same problem: I couldn't gather things, it was saying I needed like 600 in some profession even though there's no more such value. But it got fixed somehow. My gathering went back to normal. I didn't do anything, so I can't say what happened. But hopefully it's working fine for everyone. Either way, thanks for the fix.
  15. Can I get a word from the staff since it's a very important matter, please?