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  1. Der Trank funktioniert nicht über Level 99. (Falls doch behebe ich es x) ) Viel Spaß und Gruß, Misahky
  2. Ahoy! As Thear already said, most of the changes you suggested are alright. We will have to make some thoughts about mounts tho. Anyways, I'll start working on implementing these ideas and we can talk about the mounts later on. Cheers!
  3. We are working on it
  4. There will be a topic with an archive how you can update. It will be published during the next days, before the release of the PTR.
  5. Lootboxes for loyalty points got disabled with the massive exploit of loyalty exploits during the easter event. They will be re-activated soon. Closed
  6. Do you have a character you play on Greymane? If yes, log in on that character and log out again. This bug can happen if you log out on thr cross realm.
  7. Hi! The forum is the wrong place for bug reports. For such matters, don't hesitate to open a report at our bugtracker. Thank you and have a nice day!
  8. Hello, first of all please stay at the topic and prevent insults of any kind here. Now about your problem: It's not intended at all to let players drop blue gear and only sell purple gear through lootboxes - that's bullshit... Anyways, we'll take care of that issue to see what's wrong as this is of course not the loot behaviour we aim to have. We want it blizzlike. Regards, Misahky
  9. We know that leveling of pre-legion content is more bugged as the leveling in the broken isles. The focus is at the content of the expansion the server is running on and revamping all the old leveling zones consumes time we don't have. Anyways, the leveling on the broken isles allows you to level to 110 with fully scripted quests. A table with the status of the leveling zones including their chapters can be found below. Anyways, I will lock the thread here now.
  10. Arcway is not supposed to have a que option. (Its a Mythic(+) only dungeon)
  11. Hey, glad to see you here! Here's an important update for you: The "Retired Staff" icon in teamspeak is no longer a banana. :)))) -- Misahky The guy who is always laughing like an idiot when you're on teamspeak
  12. I disable the middle door from the random door opening process when you enter the dungeon. With the next server crash/restart, there shouldn't be any more problems regarding closed doors. if yes, let me know in this topic.
  13. Fixed with next Server Restart. Edit: The intro for Naltira in general, including the visuals and currrent ongoing issues there, should be fixed with the next server crash/restart.
  14. Good point but we planned to open them for test purposes without that requirement. I will check it out why the left one is not working as intended. (I will put that requirement on, when we release the dungeon with loot)
  15. We never announced Vault of the Wardens. It was just a testing period.