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  1. Hello, I have been researching for the past couple of days and I can't seem to get a straight answer on what are the top PvP DPS classes in MoP. What are your recommendations? I will be playing with a healer in 2v2 arenas eventually since I have a friend of mine joining FS to play to. Thanks!
  2. I tried this and i got flagged as "anticheat violation" and it banned my account for 15 min.....why?
  3. Great thank you for the feedback guys!
  4. Hello, I have just returned back to FS after taking a break from BFA, I am trying to dive into SL now and looking to start a class I have not played yet. I decided to go with Shaman and was wondering what would be the best PVP spec for the current patch between ele and enhance. I plan on being a healer mostly but as an offspec in case I want to play DPS in PVP i would like to a spec that would be a good alternative. I have been taking a look online but I not getting any real information on patch 9.0.5 on shamans. Any recommendations between both ele and enhance? Thanks for the advice!
  5. My friend and I want to do some 2v2s but my ilvl on my main is 395 and his is 370. If I were to do 2v2s with him with a alt item set at 370 as well, will the LFG R Arenas use the overall average ilvl (including bags and bank) when selecting teams (e.g. selecting based off ilvl 395 if I put my current equipped in the bank instead of my alt set of 370)? Or since I switch to my 370 alt set and he is 370 normally, LFG will pick teams that are around the 370 range? or its based on whatever team queued for 2v2s and ilvl doesn't matter? I read about the ilvl scaling on the other forums about the overall average and what it includes so I don’t think that what I am asking will work but wanted to get some insight in case I was missing something.