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  1. They were disabled back in the day because the items were Ilvl 390+ with no level req and level 20 monks we're heading over there, getting 10 levels and 90 gear they could use at level 20, also from there lowbies could be summoned to vale allowing power leveling Rather than fix it, the staff just disabled them
  2. The Order of the Phoenix is coming back to firestorm! Looking for English speaking raiders for Soo and pvp players for bg farms and arenas! Recruiting in world_en starting this weekend Raid times (subject to change) will be Saturday 1300 pacific time and Monday 1100 pacific time. Discord is a requirement for raiding as is the add-on deadly boss mods (download available in ootp discord) SoO raid guide available in ootp discord as well Cheers and o7 Blatancy - Guild Leader of Order of the Phoenix
  3. /who can only show 49 people at a time
  4. 2 things. 1. It was just yesterday for me, I'm playing zero lag now 2. The launcher is the equivalent of PC aids. Use wow.exe. will help
  5. I had endless issues today, but that is not normal for me. Probably just a bad day, welcome to private servers
  6. 1. This will get declined because they do not want to give points without money 2. MAYBE get approved IF instead of just getting SOME points back the items you bought originally are removed for your account. Then you get a % of the points back. You cant seriously expect them to let you keep the items AND get some points for free. And that adds a while lift of complications.....professions mugs already used, gold spent etc...
  7. Order of the Phoenix is the top open recruiting English pve guild on mop Pst any member
  8. Low pop = low money
  9. you know what i mean. people that played here a long time (like myself, starting in 2012 when it was pandashan) we earned all the shit we have, and we DONT want to go and earn it all again. not letting us take much (btw it was 100k when wod when live, then 50k for legion, now its 10k) means either 1. we basically start over on the new realm, 2. or we take the easy option and buy shit. they limit it simply to PROMOTE the shop
  10. Honestly stormwind >westfall >redridge>duskwood>nstv is your best bet. Most working quests except bloodmyst and loch modan. Wetlands is a bit buggy If you need help ingame /who phoenix and ask order of the phoenix for a guild invite
  11. Nothing. As a draeni you cant really go. Darkshore does work. You could get someone to fly you there ir boat to sw
  12. whisper any member that is online