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  1. <Synérgy> English speaking PvE guild, Mainly looking for a good: [ Rogue, Hunter(bm), Warrior(dps), Druid(balance), Paladin(dps) ] to fill up our roster for Antorus MM progress (6/11),other Classes are also welcome!!!..req.(955+ilvl - 70+Traits)..Guild is based on Core players what left Outlawz.Our Goal is too play with Top Players from Server and have alot Fun together and also claim the Leaderboard and be back on Top in Rankings!!! If you Interested,PM for more Info or in Game --->(Fraglock,Bekoff,Hêlløïmtøxïç)
  2. @ Kackushka Realm is running in debug mode in order to prepare for the raid launch! You might experience some delays and crashes! We will be done as quick as possible. Thank you for your time this dont make any sense for my Post Happy Birthday fire pro player with bugged absorb shield
  3. Sarah Shan actually you are here only one Person what arguing and crying....!They have alot time to test new patch,announced was more than 1 month ago and he have alot QA Members what need to know how to test things with this Rank on their own test server.But actually is Firestorm more brocken than he release 7.0 and its big self owned to present Community this new Update what not works correct and destroy all fixed things what worked 80% on 7.0 and next big thing Post some weekly Update with alot spell fixxes but in Game doesnt work like Update says more big Joke dont see!!!That is the Point why Community all time are mad and more and more ppl leave this server bcs all time start from begin is frustradet.I remeber Pshan times when he open MoP how much ppl play and how they failed and how much ppl leave all know that and it will be all time same they cant/dont will learn....have a nice day!
  4. same was happened to my 3 chars by every first hit Boss was Red after instantly went to Grey so i automaticly even dont have this 33% chance of Loot bcs he is Grey and after kill no Loot Icon no Reward from Worldquest and saved for next 6 Days....and you wonder why Community get Mad and leave from here!!!
  5. i dont really understand why this server every Expansion fail so hard?!....and makes Community mad
  6. xDDDD yeah was thinking for one momment too...i need yet to buy VIP to get my Chars able to play
  7. fix Server with correct data base and after make announce about vip or what to make server stable dont care but how to get Cash from ppl prio nr1 actually?!....remember pshan times when MoP started same faults!!!Community get more and more mad..
  8. WTF is actually wrong with Server Last 3days?!Consrant everytime DC,DC, begin from Server Release was the Server more stable after fixxes you will Play on this Server,if After every half Hour he is off???‼️More annoing unplayable Server what they actually is i Never see...and you guys Wonder why Community are goes away ?
  9. mop

    Miwo actually September goes to end and we dont have new Bosses in SOO...what happened???I remember in one Update was saying so every month comes one new Boss in SOO but actually nothing here and all pve guilds wait and ppl bored!!!!We need new challange and where is update from 19/09/16??? You guys focus only on Legion or no time for Mop pve side???It will be great when a statement comes about updates and new bosses.
  10. mop

    so than he must 2 Bosses release....all time waiting waiting and nothing added!!!
  11. Riu siriously so you day actually was so boring not so nice as you said that why you crying here or whats your problems?? Dude no one delete any Video and we dont need or have something to hide like you!!! Maybe your i-net have some problems but i can see al vids and that Vid what you post as REPORT without any evidence!!!
  12. *1. Exactly, this is Firestorm and they have their own Rules and some which have Blizzard too.* OFC he have their Rules---> so if he have same rules what you say like Blizzard so why here in Post from Legnax i dont see any rules like from Retail,wich saying about all things what you can use,what not?! *2. It's not forbidden to ress someone. But its forbiden to abuse in general.* how you know its abuse??---> General exploiting: The malicious use of bugs in a way that normal game-play would not permit, generally giving the user an unnatural advantage. Punishment: 1 day account suspension to permanent account suspension. If you find an exploitable or game breaking bug please report it to the Firestorm Bug Tracker immediately. Taking advantages of the exploit or bug can result in your account being suspended. in wich tread i can see this rule its Abusing or something???How you know wich ppl play *BLIZZ* server??you have any pics or id´s from that ppl in group wich you can show us,he play Retail so he know the rules?? ACTUALY i dont see anything and its not a evidence to report players without any exactly rule from server Firestorm.You are mad bcs you get BANN with right evidences for no follow the Server rules---> so you person normaly have a break to read about reports or something else!!! *3. No i dont stop this "trash" after TSM is always the side who continues it. U are the best proof for it actually.* you sure about your words??Actually i see everyday you and Imorster cry all time about TSM and speak sh** about us. *4. I already growed up and said Namepalla multiple times that i dont care that much anymore what u guys said in World/Say - But is it my fault that u dont learn from ur mistakes and constantly push harassment against my guild or offend something in my reallife? And i dont search it everyday. I just need 5 minutes of my life to figure out what u abused in your Videos.* so if you dont care whats going on on *Worldchat* why you always make same mistakes as you said we make??? and if you dont search or dont make analyse and you only need 5 mins to see whats wrong is as #Blizzserver player wich knows all rules,dont report this if you think its not works right here like retail???So you rezz many times too in raid bcs you say you play on retail and know all rules-----> #Combat resurrections are an extremely powerful tool that players have while in combat. Naturally, we apply some limitations. In Mists of Pandaria, that limit was 1 resurrection during a given raid boss encounter for 10-player modes and 3 for 25-player modes. With Flexible difficulty introduced in Patch 5.4, we erred on the forgiving side, and gave Flexible Raids 3 resurrections regardless of raid size. In Warlords of Draenor, the Flex tech has expanded to more difficulty levels, and we needed a new system to handle combat resurrections more fairly. We knew that continuing with a constant 3 would encourage using the smallest possible raid sizes, while scaling with hard breakpoints would discourage specific group sizes just under those points. Additionally, the limit is not shown anywhere in-game, so it can be easy to lose track of how many resurrections the raid has available (or even know that the limit exists). So we’ve built a new system to be more transparent, and improve usability. During a boss encounter, all combat resurrection spells now share a single raid-wide pool of charges that’s visible on the action bar button. Upon engaging a boss, all combat resurrection spells will have their cooldowns reset and begin with 1 charge. Charges will accumulate at a rate of 1 per (90/RaidSize) minutes. Example 1: A 10-player raid will accumulate 1 charge every 9 minutes (90/10 = 9). Example 2: A 20-player raid will accumulate 1 charge every 4.5 minutes (90/20 = 4.5). A charge will only be deducted when a combat resurrection is successful (when the target accepts the resurrection). Raid frames now show a debuff indicating that a dead player has a pending combat resurrection available. Outside of raid boss encounters, combat resurrection spells retain their normal cooldown behavior. stay here on Firestorm anything in one *Tread* about this is *Privatserver* but we use all Rules like on retail??? i dont see nothing... *5. I actually had a nice day already and it wont get worse instead of this Thread.* xDDDDD actually you dont have nice day,bcs i see you here on hp crying as well and dont enjoy RL why you dont enjoy your 5 days break sometimes is a break good for dont be nervous like in this moment you are greeetz Marúschka