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  1. You want nerf/buffs but you are giving numbers that are so far off sure there are some bugs with feral that needs a fix but 15-20% dmg nerf for ret then they won't be doing dmg at all ww beats ret easily if u know what you are doing with the class I main ele sham and I don't have a problem with ret nor feral in arena or bgs and ele only has 1 defensive cd which has a 1.5min CD that reduces dmg taken by 40% so if you are having a hard time with those classes then it's probably you doing something wrong.
  2. Hey there I would like to talk about the season on the legion server (season 6) we have been in this season for 7 months if not longer and the majority of us wants it to end and start the next one so it would be nice if you guys could end the season soon.
  3. Title: Wod weapons Type: Shop Description:  Hey there So i have been wondering for a while why the wod set transmog is avaible for loyalty points but the wod weapons is not witch for me makes no sense. So i was hopeing if we could set the wod weapons for 60 loyalty points just like for all of the other xpac's besides some of the wod raids/dung are bugged where you cant enter them or bosses is bugged and unkillable, so i think the most of us on firestorm would love it if the weapons would beable to buy with 60 loyalty points
  4. Sounds like a really good idea i think it would only be fair to everyone to allow greymane players to copy 1 char to bfa i have played greymane since 7.0.5 and i would love to have my main char in bfa aswell so i think it would be fair to let us copy 1 char from greymane to bfa
  5. Title: New stuff for greymane Type: In-game Description:  Hey there Could we please get a vendor on Greymane that allows us to buy pve appeariance for our artifact weapon since we can not get them, it would be nice with a vendor that sells them for raiting/marks of hornor, So the first row(starter appeariance) maybe require you to have 100 raiting and each color cost 10 marks and the further down you go the more it cost and the more raiting you need. I think this would be a good idea since there will be more to work for and get, most of us on greymane already have most of the stuff you can buy with raiting(enchant and mounts) and most of us have around 1k+ marks of hornor that we cant use on anything so by makeing this vendor and makeing it sell these stuff would get more people to que arenas for it so there is something to work for. I really hope this will be accepted since we can not get out pve appeariance
  6. Title: Tickets Type: In-game Description:  Hey there i recently made a post about tickets on greymane and the fact that it takes why too long to get a gms help on greymane i have been waiting for almost 2 days no for a gms help and i still haven't gotten any and the problem i have it that i just got 2k on my druid and i cant buy the eite set even tho i do have the archivement for 2k raiting my friend also recently got to 2k and he cant buy the set either so we made a ticket to hope a gm could help us with our problem here and both of us still haven't gotten an answer so it would be nice with some help on why we cant buy the elite set for 2k on Greymane. P.S. i post this here since i don't know where to post it
  7. Hey there i got a problem with the tickets on greymane and the ticket system i have been waiting all day for a gm's help today and i haven't gotten one my friend have waited 2 days and his ticket is still not been replyed to so it would be nice if the gms on greymane would be faster to reply to tickets and help people who needs it. Posted here since i dont know where to post it
  8. Title: Tickets taking too long Type: In-game Description:  Hey there it would be nice if you guys could reply to tickets a little bit faster people wait up to 2-3 days before getting an answer on our tickets. I made a ticket yesterday and i still haven't gotten the help i need and I'm still waiting for it so it would be nice if you could reply to tickets faster. Thanks.