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  1. there is some legendary items in the game i saw 2 ally dudu wht them idk how they got that but i saw
  2. Unfortunately anything didnt work for me and made me install new windows
  3. comon omg wtf is this really since yesterday i cant connect pffff wtf just happend
  4. it seems i can't restart dns with cmd i tryed shoutdown router and it was off for like 5-6 min and than i restart ti but it didnt help i cant log
  5. i will try reset router now and i am trying to reset the winsock catalog netsh winsock reset netsh winsock reset catalog netsh int ip stop netsh int ip start maybe it works
  6. its not working for me i tryed ipconfig but nothing
  7. here screen
  8. i tryes both what heart said and not working and yes i can connect to ping
  9. i am using both but not working and yes i have SET portal "" but i keep geting this error (we couldent log you in with what you just entered .pleas try again,BLZ51900003) yesterday it was good and didnt have this problem
  10. i can not log in legion yesterday everything was ok and i didnt had any problem but today i cant connect to firestorm this error (we couldent log you in with what you just entered .pleas try again,BLZ51900003) it means i dont connect to firestorm server ,i am use ing this SET portal "" but cant log
  11. and for your info we had 5 combat ress if you count hunter pet and symb on that raid not only 3
  12. and you think if we know we are not allowed to use 3 ress we would make video and share that ?
  13. wtf fappy 4 ress ? are you blind or you can't count ? can you link firestorm link for this ?
  14. its happening like few days but nothing fixed