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pvp Shadowlands New PvP Season

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Greetings everyone!

As we previously announced, next Wednesday, April 13th, all ratings will be reset and we are going to start the new season on Oribos in order to have a new challenge, so make sure to prepare your partner and of course your champion.






Let's get into the rewards thresholds of the previous season;

2v2 bracket:








We decided that it's better to give some information about the newest opened Battleground on our servers at the moment which is "Korrak's Revenge (Alterac Valley Classic)", this BG is the PvP special event during WoW's Anniversary that puts players in the classic Alterac Valley.

First, The levels on that battleground doesn't matter because players can enter it with different levels. The goal from the battleground is to gain levels and gear. Your level will be increased until 60, not only that but also the gear ilvl can be increased to 158.

Second, Capturing towers and all that stuff in the battleground will increase the multiplier for gaining experience.

Third, With Timewalking currency, you can purchase some items which some of them can be listed as the following:


Also, Other than that, there will be a vendor that sells Timewarp gear and it will be a better option for low level players.


Finally, You have to know that all quests are daily, some are repetitive but we will exclude the Battle of Alterac Valley quest which is weekly.
We can say this battleground will be a good addition to low level players to gain levels fast so gather your friends and prepare yourself for that challenge that will re-ignite the spark of war!




Congratulations to all the winners and good luck for this new season!

Have a great day,
The Firestorm Team

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