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  1. I do not complain that they put all the prices in silver, even if they are costs, an appearance, artifact, 1000 silver points, since any number of points takes weeks, months playing, at last, there is nothing free, the active players are the ones who keep the fun
  2. This item [Spaulders of Vile Determination] drops of the relics purchased in abrupt coast are dropped for dks easily
  3. Arms Warrior mission to get the appearance is random there will be days that this and others do not but I recommend you go for the protection is easier you must go to neltharion den enter 10 times to the cave and you get in message and appearance and complete 200 world missions give you the experience of the other specialization
  4. I got it as a month at the point where I design the video there is always in the air the rare
  5. I have problems with the world missions with my shade shadow while I play with my warrior without problems the objectives are moved with my sacer only happens to me with the
  6. admiral-garan operator-thogar do not release the objects or achievement and do not give way to the last boss blackhand
  7. same
  8. +1
  9. not available