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  1. I'm grateful with your tips, but doesn't make sense be obrigated to pay for something I can't have because of a bug...
  2. Hi Sliny, tks a lot for the tips! But the mog I want is not available on the firestorm shop is "Theldurin's Fist" and the addon I believe that doesn't show to others players what I'm wearing
  3. Hello guys, how its going? I'm trying to get the Theldurin's Fist mog from the quest "The Day that Deathwing Came: What Really Happened" but aparently is bugged, on the retail quest we enter in a "scenario" kinda like and kill the Deathwing, but on the Shadowlands - Oribos isn't possible, someone know how to do this quest, or pick the Theldurin's fist mog? I'll apreciate every help or tip.