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  1. Hey! I just realised we cant buy faction change at the shop. Will you guys add faction change option later into the shop? Thanks, Cicó
  2. Hey guys! We found a priest spell bug in arenas, "Mind Control" After the enemy priest charming my healer, he cant heal me and cant give me deffensive cooldowns. There is a short video from it.
  3. Hey everyone! There is a weapon which is healing way too much in arena, and mostly the member who is use the weapon actually unkillable in arena mode. The weapon has a proc which gives instant heals every 30 seconds, and mostly overhealing plus 100k or sometimes a few million. The weapon name is Genesis Lathe and the weapon's spell is Ephemeral Effusion. https://www.wowhead.com/item=189754/genesis-lathe And there is a video how it looks after an arena on a shadow priest,
  4. Hey, there is no eternal equipment chest at oribes next to the flightmaster. Is there any chance to change eternal chest from cosmic, Thanks -Unicuzm
  5. How can we lose a match in ranked 2v2 if we did not die? https://ibb.co/5h6qwh8
  6. This Priest is using bugs and exploits in arenas https://ibb.co/BVrnSSr