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  1. Title: Twitch Streamers Type: Website Description:  On other private Servers i have seen they have a own section where you can see what streamer is Streaming at the Moment on Firestorm. It would be cool to have a page where you can see what streamers are Streaming at the Moment. I know 4 People who Streaming PvP Content but i guess there might be more.
  2. How is a spell calculated in pvp? When tooltip say my shadoword death doing 80k damage and enemy has 80% pvp resilence and i have 60% pvp power, how much dmg is this on him?
  3. well i was on a other private server aswell, just dont want to say what server, and they didnt had that problem, it worked so well there idk why this server laggs
  4. Hello together, as an PvP player its very annoying to have this constant lagg in PvP situations. Like when you burst and press some spells they are about , i would say, 200-400m milliseconds delayed and thats very slow compared to some other MoP servers or Retail server. Why is this still a thing in 2019?
  5. go play balanc druid, then use hotw then u r r1 healer
  6. oh yea the sub button and and previous video link, i forgott. thanks
  7. I play today with my warr as a true professional
  8. i have a 2k monitor so its a bit hard for my pc to record it so i recorded "half-monitor" only 720p but with 60 fps
  9. thank u guys
  10. Today i made a pvp video with my fire mage and my balanc druid
  11. 90k ice lance is retail noob
  12. why does firestorm do nothing against warriors.. from 10 2v2 ques i get 9 warrior/healer combos. pvp is so shit on this server.