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  1. Hey Yunikosensei666, I haven't done PvE personally in quite some time, but depending on what you are running right now (If you PvP) it should be quite similar. A strength & mastery priority is what I would tell you. The reason that you would stack mastery is to increase your shadow damage of course, so in big pulls you'll have higher DPS with your dots. Strength just increases your overall base damage across the board of course. There's not much more to that honestly. I'd ignore your blue sockets, and honestly just put 160 strength in all reds, and strength/mastery in your yellow slots and 160 strength everywhere else. I'd reforge out of haste to mastery. Mastery>Crit >Haste. DK is pretty simple in PvE & you should still do well, dot everything and burst when your leader tells you to and GG. Don't know if that helps much but I saw that other people weren't replying. If you see my DK active in game "Adversative" I could give you more information sometime. Cheers