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  1. Now it is cheap, it was 650€ 2 years ago it was more expensive than the mobo or gpu
  2. Yes I built it. And I use around 20gb while working on the server, so there you go
  3. There are no french devs currently working on legion 5960x @ 4.2ghz, gtx 970 g1, 32 gb ddr4, 1.5 Tb ssds, 3tb hdd Maybe this or the next week ^^
  4. Read my name backwards Still unknown. When we will fell like its ready to be released to public,, it will be... Currently some of the classes are completely unplayable So id just say Soon™
  5. I had a working realm on the first day when Legion files were released. Kings (Fabians) sandbox was released 4 days later. Also you can also confirm that by checking GM Commands, you can see them on the video, the public sandbox has completely different ones. If you are worried about not getting fixes on your WoD realms. There is nothing to worry about, the whole team is still working on it, I am the only one who works on Legion at the moment and that is not going to change until at least a month before Legion realm release (not beta, real release). Right now, we have implemented the new honor and prestige system, pvp talents are being worked on, artifact system is 70% complete (traits will have to be fixed one by one) and much more to come when we make an announcement post. ^^
  6. Hello Firestorm. I have a new Legion video from our server. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8vNBPGNEQA
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_mIxv_LXwQ Here, I've uploaded a small exploration video, but its getting taken down by blizzard soon i think ;)
  8. Sorry I have no idea how to get it at the moment. Sites like AdriaCraft, MmoChamp... who are focused on it have a lot of tools for it. We mostly work only with .exe, not with the datafiles.
  9. Cant even move atm But im in world 1st !
  10. When 6.2.3 is properly tested and stable. I expect 2-3 weeks, tops 4.
  11. Dozens of thousand of people downloading the game at the same time. It will speed up soon