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  1. Dear GM: i have been playing on bfa patch since first patch come out i had no problem on loot system as fury warrior i was getting fury loot in 8.0 and on 8.2 but on 8.3 i back to get after break and i thought i will have good time on corruption patch but sedge after playing month and week i keep getting tank gear every weekly box that mean its big Rip for me since i play almost 16th in day and i feel very bad after last night tank item i got and after make lot of ticket in game none answer for about 2 weeks that made me trying so hard in dungeons to get my loot with my hand you can tell by see my screenshot with lot of loot in my bags try so hard to get fury loot with my friends and photo will tell about loot i got last night of weekly box i got and you can see with your eyes its been like said month and 1 week geting tank gear like this item i got from weekly box since i start playing on 8.3 i didn't got single fury item 475 ilvl on equipment sedge my photo can tell and if you want check it in armory my character name :니얼굴방밀 on BFA and my spec its fury spec loot as my photo can speak too , thanks lot for your hard work have good day everyone.
  2. Dear GM : its me Reywãr my big problem is my Cold steel blood dosnt work even with 35 % critical stil not working like other warrior i saw m+ and raids let me explained, in detail addon witch addon who show me spell mine Gushing wounds witch proc with Cold steel is 3% of my damage witch must be in after my rampage, like other warrior have on my detail addon witch i saw in my Detail addon that mean my character completely bug and dont tell me im bad in rotation becaus its been long long time playing this class all 15 years ago so i make lot of ticket about that in game noone could help GMs i meet told to put that in topic and i did plz help me fix that problem for me and thank you lot for your hard work on this server peace
  3. that true but sadly they are not gonna do nothing about that no one care about who dosnt got loot you will be late from other with 17500 titanum Resdium