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  1. this is not the case the patch its not out for more than 2 weeks and people already have 4 tier sets if you look in dungeon ranking you can see every single person there have 4 tier set
  2. So is there some of GM's going to answear or going to be completed ignored i keep seeing more and more people with Tier set and I cant find this item in the shop how is this possible ?
  3. you can aways use macro for pet attack on every single keybind you have it will take you like 5 min to them all
  4. Hello mate thanks for the fast respond. I double check the shop today and just saw Tier pants was released and i have notice people with full set how that's possible ?
  5. When new tier set will be added in the shop ? i thought everything will be released after the new patch
  6. Hello there today was doing my WQ when a warrior just 1 shot me for less than 1 sec im just wondering how is this possible yet with all thouse hot fixed and staf thanks for explaining before hand
  7. Hello guys anyone have notice that outlaw dps is kinda pretty low in M+ atm my alt its 445 got 2 BiS weapon 460 and sadly cant pull anymore than 50k dps aoe with 5-7 trash pack runing around 25% crit 12% haste and 25 mastery with 10%versatility i know i have low crit and alote of mastery but still 50k for this ilvl seems pretty low , as well the atak.speed buff from Roll the Bones looks like dosent work the Leeching is ok but the atk.speed seems not getting 55% increase as supposed to be or im just wrong if same one have test it please share your opinion. Another thing as well about weapon coruption as Lash of the void seems extremly low proc chance as well from 100 hit only 2 proc this is 2% chance to proc as far i remmber in retail this was my 3th dmg ability compare to here is way on the bottum of the list , as far i can remmber Main Gouche( outlaw mastery) can proc corruption effect as Lash of the void here this future is missing or lack of proc due low chance of the corruption On the second test today i made total of 2000 hit with and had 60 proc of the corruption this is in total around 1.2% to proc consider that im lucky with 2% that i mention above