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  1. Thanks
  2. Hi anyonce kwon if will be possible upgrade a character with an Allied Race????? For get the heritage armor?
  3. Need min lv 90 character, 🤩🤩🤴
  4. Argus will be relased at 5 october??
  5. Se cercate una gilda italiana attiva ci sta Serendipity
  6. Write to Inveric or another moderator
  7. I hope that you are not serius.
  8. Thanks for the guide, but It is the hidden appearance for havoc. I'm looking for this: And the mob that i have to kill have a chance to drop the appearance but the mob don't spawn.
  9. Hi anyonce kwon how to get it because i follow some guide but it don't work for me. Pls help me
  10. Guys, it's normal find bug for examble in freakz some quest are bugged that in firestorm not, ugually in firestorm some quest are bugged that in freakz not, but in freakz there is less services than firestorm. In my opinion this server is better than other but there is other people that thinks not.
  11. Sorry i have all addons required on and i still not recive the email. Pls help me
  12. How much time you will need?@Inveric
  13. Guarda cerca la zona di livello 10 in su più vicina a te e vai lì
  14. Cioè scusa cosa intendi? Per favore non rispondere qui vai sul forum quello in versione italiana e apri un tipic lì Link:http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/forum/167-italiano/
  15. Probably you have downloaded the version of Battle for Azeroth, try to search the version for 7.3.5