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  1. Ok I solve by my self, It is a problem of missing textures... it is better avoiding to extract the zip file form an external hard disk to another hard disk, instead is better to move the zipped file on the internal hard disk and exand it there. Doing the first way I noticed that some file were left . That's why the green colour and a general lack of definition..
  2. HI to all. After having "upgraded" to BFA 8.2 I find the top half of every character and mob is painted in brilliant green. Previous expansions did not suffer this issue. I play on a Apple Mac Mini - late 2014 with 8 GB Ram and a Iris Intel graphic card having 1523 MB. I underline that previous versions of Wow on this shard had always run flawlessly. I include a screen shot Thaniks for the help
  3. Here same issue sinced three days. I'am interested in loggint to BfA instead... thank you so much Mac Os Catalina
  4. Hi to all! I cant succeed in loggin to the game Every time I am told "sei stato disconnesso" user and pw are correct at all May you help?
  5. Salve avrei intenzione di unirmi alla Gilda. Ma non trovo mai nessuno inrete..
  6. Salve è possibile unirsi alla Gilda?
  7. Thanks, Gatekeeper was the real problem now solve. By now I have a one more issue I'm warned with this message: The CAS system was unable to initialize: CASInitialize() failed to create folder Data: No such file or directory Do you know why ??
  8. Hi to all. I've downloaded the full client for BFA, After having launched the file WOW MAC I've warned that "the file is corrupted. Do you want to place it into the trashcan" Plase, can anyone help? Thanks
  9. Salve a tutti, Ho provato a cercare qualche membro di Serendipity ma non ho trovato nessuno..
  10. Thanks!! It runs
  11. I too cannot log from my Mac, I asked for help but none replied. A very poor assistance indeed...I'm looking elsewhere
  12. I receive this one on my Mac (previous version run flawlessly).... Can someone help??
  13. After having installed the new release I cannot connect and receive the warning below. Can you help?
  14. Toc toc there is anyone out there??