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  1. Title: Garrison Hearthstone Type: In-game Description:  Would it be possible to make the Garrison Hearthstone have a instant cooldown (especially for VIP)? Personally I really like the WoD Garrison but it only works properly if the hearthstone is used to go there. Basically you have to wait 15min between every single time a person physically leaves the garrison, and then wants to come back in because when you leave the Garrison "zone" and come back, it reverts the phase back to before you built it (ravens everywhere, wood piles, etc) but the garrison building is there. From personal testing this is the only way to actually make it work for people who enjoy that.
  2. Hey guys, Has anyone been able to find one of the mole machines for the DI Dwarf racial? Is there a way to get all the points if the mole machines aren't there? Lemme know, thanks.