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  2. Yes. As long as you level a new character from 1-120 (no boosting etc).
  3. Discord is a chat app, similar to Skype or Teamspeak, that allows users to communicate via messaging, voice, video. You can check it out here
  4. Check World Quests are another option if you've already completed the requirements (Get to level 120, then you need to reach Friendly reputation with the 3 main factions in Kul Tiras or Zandalar (depending on whether you’re Alliance or Horde). If you stick to treasure chests, i recommend using which will show the locations of treasure chests on your map.
  5. BFA includes the previous expansions so you don't need to have legion installed in order to make a DH.
  6. Step 1. Go to and download either the minimal client, launcher, or torrent. You don't need all three. Step 2. (Minimum Client). If you download the minimal client from the above link, simply unzip and run wow.exe then give it time to compile the data. Keep in mind that the minimum client only downloads enough resources for you to enjoy the first few hours of the game. If you continue playing past a certain point, or playing in areas not included on the minimal client, then it will download the necessary assets. Eventually a minimum client will turn into a full client install given enough play time. Step 2.1 (Torrent). First things first. Download and install a torrent client as this is required. I recommend Once you've installed the torrent client, go to the play page i've linked at the top of my comment and click on the button labeled "Full Client". This opens the link in Qbittorrent which will allow you to begin downloading the full client. If you get a popup notification where it asks if you would like to associate the browser with a magnet link, click ok or yes or whatever you see in the popup notification. I suggest clicking the checkbox on said notification as well so you don't have to keep clicking ok or whatever. Any and all magnet links will be automatically opened in the torrent client from then on if the checkbox is clicked. Step 2.2 (Launcher). Download the launcher from the same link at the top of my comment and install it. Once the install is complete, it'll ask you to sign in with your Firestorm login info (Email/Password). Once you're logged in, click on the expansion you wish to install from the far left sidebar and click download if you don't have the full client installed or manually locate the full client folder by clicking on the "Already installed?" button beneath the download button then click play once it's finished.
  7. Check Miolaro's comment here:
  8. Check and According to the above links, Monster WoW is the only server currently eligible for transfers.
  9. #support. No reason that BFA flying can only be bought with gold points while the other two (Broken Isles and Draenor) can be bought separately or together with loyalty points.
  10. Check and According to the above links, Monster WoW is the only server currently eligible for transfers.
  11. There was one a long while back for 8.2 (See If we're talking a permanent test realm, then that's up to the staff. I don't really have an opinion on it.
  12. Still nothing sadly. Not even Microsoft Edge did me any good.
  13. I don't see such an option on my profile via All i see is "Change my current character" and nothing else. Even my forum profile doesn't appear to have such an option. Unless i've somehow overlooked it.
  14. The devs can't fix the raid if you don't provide enough information such as the name of the raid. is your friend. If you're on Legion or BFA, i can login and carry you through the raid. Just need to know what faction you're on and the name of your character.
  15. Either take the portal to Ashran from the Portal Room in the Stormwind Mage Tower or head over to the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands and speak to Archmage Khadgar to begin the questline that'll take you to Draenor.