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  1. i know this is late answer and u might have found the answer already but u probably need a lvl 90 char first to unlock the demonhunter
  2. seems u have a problem with ur phase. do u have any active quests which change ur phase? like the argus questline or broken isle questline which u havent finished yet? u should finish them first then try again. if that still doesnt hlp. try using dalaran (legion) hs (it s important that u r in another zone so u get to see a loading screen) and use the npc on the left side of the square (she has a hawk next her) to fly to ur class hall. dont use the flightmaster!
  3. hi guys, earlier today i did a rnd bg and got the beach thing. at end of bg game didnt respond anymore. then i closed it and ever since then i cant login to sylvanas. i can still log into my acc and even greymane but when trying to log into sylv, he throws me back to acc login. i tried unstucking the char with whom i played the bg but i didnt hlp either, deleting cache didnt help either. anyone got idea how to fix this?
  4. i dont get why u dont move to the boat without the cart if it doesnt work...
  5. the trick should be getting out of the cart (should count as vehicle so check ur interface for a red return arrow). then move down by urself to the boat. be careful with aggro. if u r unlucky u ll die but just go and revive to get to the boat if it happens.
  6. idk if u found a solution already but try this go to stablemaster switch around pet positions like this i found one of my vanished pets. basically it was still there but some reason it wasnt shown until i found it through switching around at the stablemaster
  7. i m also from europe and it was around 4 p.m. server time---so no it definitly wasnt overnight
  8. plz fix... idk what this restart was for but maybe do it over night or in the morning next time instead of server's "rush hour"?
  9. aw right, the topic still matters though ppl keep crying in worldchat about bms
  10. it s just a matter of different taste nothing serious^^ there r other classes too, if properly geared and played well like u r showing in ur vids. i m sure almost every class can shine though not every class will create big numbers like these but that s mostly a matter of playstyle like burst vs continuous dmg-classes and -specs.
  11. gj man, i love how u delete them
  12. nice man, though i m not a fan of the metal music but it s fun seeing u rock. reminds me of those crybabies whining about bm hunter, seems they never met ur warri/ shami
  13. i rly doubt some things here... no proof for accusations... but at least some ppl know how to insult... i m currently lvling up a hunter. once i reach max lvl i ll be testing some things. i m pretty sure though that the pet issue is only with those hunters who know how to exploit certain items/ mechanics. so until we find out where the issue is, i doubt the devs can do anything about it without crippling all other bms who play fair. i also remember that bm was very strong in mop. also, if u have crappy gear most hunters will shred u anyway even without exploits.
  14. agreed warrior needs fix not hunter
  15. what s bugged about it? i say pala is bugged to nerf plz