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  1. Greetings @Zerochakra I understand the issues you are facing is troublesome but let me bring out few points. First of all i apologize for the inconvenience and trouble you are having. It is not easy when something happens to your account. First of all the GM actually was right on that part your account is your own responsibility he could have just worded it a lot better. Second of all our accounts can't be "hacked" or "cracked" like that. Usually when it comes to that it is the player(s) fault for sharing account information in the past or having obvious passwords which are weak and easily guessable. In this case i can see that you have multiple logins which makes me assume that you have shared information, with your friends or family. We have a proper link for how to secure your account. "Firestorm account" Also this is crucial as well when it comes to Firestorm accounts. There also can be a high chance that your original email could be compromised meaning that someone is accessing your email without your knowledge. I recommend you changing the password for that too. If you want to truly secure your account and don't want such things occur again i highly recommend editing your old email under the account information. From older one to a newer gmail which is freshly made and secure which has all the protections and secure answers. I hope you understand. If you wish to discuss about it more on how to secure your account feel free to PM me, thank you. Kind Regards, Senior Game Master Lightdor International Firestorm Staff
  2. Greetings! If such issues do rise up it is best to make an in game ticket about it, only then we can help you with those kind of problems. Kind Regards,Senior Game Master LightdorInternational Firestorm Staff
  3. Issue has been resolved now.
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