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  1. Not really, paladin dks and monks need to have some modifications applied, everything else is okay, if you would, please provide calculations of your spells and you will see everything is by the formula, but you will just continue bashing the templates without doing any kind of research, said again, please read my previous post
  2. 2bad, i hit 350k+
  3. These are correct pvp templates from retail, there is nothing bugged, every class/spec has different values, please make more research before making posts like these..
  4. Haste affects energy regen and it works correctly
  5. You will see when it's announced, it is planned, atm we are focusing on releasing the pvp-preseason as stated
  6. Good luck if you need help pm me
  7. Man you don't even know how 7.1.5 works atm, you weren't there too test it aswell, so please, restrain yourself for trying to act smart about it. The spells will work as same as on 7.0.3, maybe with some small amount of minor new bugs after merge, but nevertheless those will get sorted out.
  8. My win streak in horde atm (soloque) is 17 but que times are 15min+
  9. Hey ya'll, sorry for the quality of the video, didn't try much in editing since there was alot of bugs, was bored and wanted to do some editing etc. Got some plays for you to see and i tried to minimize amount of bugs shown but at the moment it is not really possible, enjoy as much as you can Thanks to everyone for participating and helping with the recording of clips
  10. The legendaries are not yet implemented, should hopefully be in mid 7.1.5 release
  11. With current state of pvp, Rated arenas are not viable
  12. The arena frames are kinda buggy, It's a known issue, this is caused by fixing invisible players in arenas, please be patient until everything is resolved
  13. Ye man exactly that, just entering pvp instance is the real deal atm
  14. Daum i didn't read whole but i got the most important parts, amazing keep it up
  15. It was amazing!