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  1. Dear Firestorm Staff... Ashran is a horrible place right now on Firestorm, because of the raid party System. On retail Ashran has a queue System like Wintergrasp, and Tol barad. On Firestorm this does not work, but you could make it much better with a little bit of effort. My idea was to make Ashran's queue System similar to whats on retail, but without waiting. When someone enters ashran, a window pops up in the middle of the screen asking the player if it wants to join the battle. When you press the yes button you stay in the area, but if you press no, you get kicked to the safe Warspear / Stormshield place. What if you guys could make the Yes button to invite the player to a raid Group, so the players could stick together and fight as on retail. Sorry for my English, and i hope you could understand anything of it. I hope you guys will make a fix for Asrhan.
  2. Dear Firestorm staff... Right now on the live servers the rare spawn mobs (http://www.wowhead.com/npc=81001/nok-karosh, http://www.wowhead.com/npc=86750/thektalon, http://www.wowhead.com/npc=87660/dekorhan, etc..) has a very low damage, so everyone can kill it alone, without any help. On retail players can only kill this mob with a 5 man Group. This makes firestorm a bit unsocial. If the damage would be raised as on retail, the players would gather a Group together to kill these mobs. Also the ah prices of the items dopped from these mobs would be raised, which is much better than 5k gold... Please fix this little bug to make the server better.
  3. Well done Firestorm. I hope you know that there is a server that started a month ago and has almost better quality. They made it possible with 2 developers.
  4. After at least the first 2 or 3 boss of BRF. I think it would be the only way. If the season two would be released before hfc, it would ruin the whole pve content. (ppl would go to dungeons and raids in pvp items.)
  5. Warrior charge and heroic leap is affected by pathfinding. When the player charges a mob who is on a higher place, the player will go around the place to find a route to the mob. It's actually not that bad, but it would be a bit of pain for some players in raids or dungeons. The charge bug part is not even that bad compared to the heroic leap bug. When someone uses heroic leap, it will be affected by pathfinding as well. Basically it won't jump normally, it will go around like the player is charging. It's a pretty annoying bug, and it can't be applied to live realms until a fix for it. ATM I can't submit any evidence, but it's a common thing, every warrior on ptr knows that.
  6. New season will be available after they put in minimum 1 boss to HFC. They will laso have to put in Tanaan Jungle in the game so probably according to the speed of their boss scripting, maybe 2 or 3 months.
  7. The arctium sandbox is not working for me because of the client version. I couldn't download 20756 from piratebay. But doesn't matter that much. I just wanted to take a look at the changes, but now i know all of them from youtubers.
  8. Can we get the emulator for Legion?
  9. Sarcasm
  10. No joke, Hungary will be full of gipsies in 2020 NOT 2050. -.-"
  11. BTW I don't think if Abie is right because, this teaser actually shows us that two raids working normally, or at least a bit. It even shows us that scenarios are working. MoP raids and scenarios are pretty big things on private servers.
  12. I think you should show us a battleground video without dying or trimming it to only contain parts where you live to show how PvP works here. =)
  13. When they made this website, they made a custom avatar for all accounts in one main character. As you can see i have an avatar because i'm one of the users of forum since october. On this picture this is my first character set as main. If you made your forum/firestorm account later, then you don'T have an avatar. I think it was a bit hard to do this, i don't even have an idea how did they do that. =) Maybe they will make avatars for all accounts. So no problem with the worgen, ask a dev or a forum admin team meber if he/she can help.
  14. Or your forum account have been created after they made all the avatars.
  15. A developer said in Twitter(https://twitter.com/firestorminter): [WoD]: They will be back soon, stay tuned I guess they work or they will work on it