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  1. Hello, I just finished leveling my first character to lvl 60, and started a second one. After finishing the tutorial exile's reach, in stormwind, I have no quests to do and no idea what to do. I used the boat to get to boralus, but there are no quests available to start questing. I'm very lost and can't find info online on how to start questing. Edit: I went to alduin, started the "Horde Uprising quest" that says " Report to Master Mathias Shaw for further instruction. " but that guy is nowhere to be found. I've seen in videos that he enters the room running, but it's not for me. I tried loggin off and in of course, but no luck. Edit2: Oh my god, what happened is that the initial mission once you get to the city, you take your first mount, then go to the tavern. Well, at that taber after making it your inn, a guard comes running, and it gives you the main quest mission. My guard didn't come, it was bugged, now I did came back and the guard appeared. It took me 5 hours of roaming around the world to discover this: